All Elite Tournament Wrap up!

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to attend our first winter tournament in Plymouth, The All Elite Tournament! This 7v7 tournament forced our girls to think outside of the box with quick transitions, fast break, slow break and big defensive plays. As a club, we were ready for the challenge, and had 2 teams win their division! Way to go Hunter and Celtic!! We are so proud of how all of our girls played!!!!

  A message from ALL coaches…

HIT THE WALL! Across all age groups, we need to clean up our stick skills. We have put a lot of time in during practices to work on our stick work, but it is SO IMPORTANT that you do your part outside of practice so we can move on to new concepts! During practices we will be starting stick work competitions. You will be competing against different locations to see what location can finish their stick work first….that means that YOU need to do your part by working on stick work outside of practice.

And now on the the Players of the Weekend…..

HunterTess DeSantis and Millie Gartland!  Tess and Millie were the back bone of our defense this weekend. Tess had phenomenal foot work, speed, and caused multiple turnovers during our games. Coming in with an awesome attitude that she would play “anywhere”, Tess showed determination and hard work all over the field. Millie did a phenomenal job in net this weekend. Her point blank saves, clears under pressure , and caused turnovers were a crucial part to our championship win. Great job Tess and Millie!!

LimeEsme Coes!  Esme stepped up huge for us this tournament. She was the first to communicate in the midfield and was extremely smart about being offsides and holding for her teammates, which is key in a 7v7 tournament. She was great on defense, coming up with caused turnovers, especially by jumping into the double teams. On offense, she made smart cuts, and was a great target inside, giving us opportunities to feed and score.  Esme did all the little things at every position on the field. Great job Esme!!!

BlueBella Juliano and Paige Curran!  Both girls played amazing in our games on Monday. They had lots of goals and assists for our team and played strong in the midfield. Our team was 3-0-1 for the day and both Bella and Paige were integral pieces to our success. The girls fought hard all day against some tough competition!

Pink: Meghan Lawson!  Super shout out to Meghan Lawson who earned player of the week recognition from the pink squad.  Meghan’s energy and hustle went above and beyond expectations on and off the field. Great Work Meghan!!

Red: Emma Davis!  Emma was aggressive all over the field! She settled the ball on offense, drew the double team, and quickly dumped the ball to the open player. She also came up with some key ground balls in the defensive end which resulted in goals for the team. Nice job, Emma!

OrangeCasey Mitchell!  Casey competed hard in every game and was always open to coaching. She’s a tremendous 1v1 defender and generated so many turnovers by reading the pass, to intercept the ball.  She did an excellent job in transition, dodging and moving the ball up the field. Great job, Casey!

Yellow: Julia Fortier!  Julia showed tremendous leadership and never gave up! Despite defensive breakdown at times, Julia continued to make HUGE saves! Her communication throughout the game was fantastic, and she was rock solid all day. Way to go, Julia!

Celtics: Mia Peterson!  Mia had great defensive slides and was crucial in transition.  She played team defense the entire tournament! Mia was constantly communicating to her teammates, sliding to help and being one of the most aggressive players on the field. Defense wins championships and we did!

Bruins: Genevieve Littlejohn!  Genevieve hustled very hard throughout the entire day.  She also showed great leadership, bringing the team together pre and post-game.  She always kept it positive and supported her teammates. Great job, Genevieve!

Shamrock: Macy Antonopoulos! Macy was a tenacious defender this past weekend.  Her aggressive play was noticed all over the field.  She was great 1v1, and had great defensive slides, and crashing.  Macy was a true leader on defense! Great work Macy!

Emerald: Elizabeth Blake!  Elizabeth played extremely well and understands the game very well.  She was crucial in helping to move the ball up the field, and was able to get a lot of shots on net to help us stay in the game!  Elizabeth was also willing to help out and play defense, and was very quick to recover from the midfield!


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