Beantown Battle!!

What a fun Sunday for our Youth and High School teams competing in the 4 v 4 “Beantown Battle” at the new Union Point Sports Complex! Our teams played small sided half field games all day, a great opportunity to work on our spacing, teamwork, and stick work in tight spaces.  These games highlighted stick work, shooting form and the agility of our players! We are so glad we had so many teams come out to play, and the coaching staff was impressed by how much each player and team improved as the day went on.  Shout out to our GOALIES for fielding tons of shots, and switching back and fourth with the opposing team – you rocked!

And now onto our Players of the Weekend!!!

2023 Patriots: Tye Snowden and Paige Curran! The whole 2023 Patriots team played awesome today making it to the semi finals against a predominantly 8th grade bracket! In addition to solid two way play, Paige led the team in scoring, with 3 of her goals coming in the win in the Quarter Finals. Tye played well on both sides of the ball and singlehandedly brought the Patriots our third win by beating a Mass Elite player in a Brave Heart!

2023 Bruins: Sally Hunter! Sally added so much to our defense with her relentless effort and field sense. She quickly recognized when she should slide, always locked on the double team, and had her stick in the passing lane when she realized that she had 2 players. Her constant pressure caused turnovers, forced bad passes, and flustered our opponents. Although she may be little she be fierce!!

2023 Red Sox: Kaitlin Watts! Kaitlin played very well this weekend. She lead the offense with strong drives to the net. She scored on nearly every shot after throwing a Great fake. She caused multiple turnovers with her intensity and aggressive play on defense. She was an all around player and leader this weekend! Awesome job Kaitlin!!
2022 Shamrock: Maddie Miller!  Maddy consistently worked hard throughout the day. She never took a play off, and because of this, she caused turnovers on defense, and made standout plays on the offensive end!  Maddie made a significant impact in the small sided 4v4 setting! Great work Maddie!

2022 Hunter: Casey Mitchell!  Casey was a leader on the field, getting herself open on the crease, as well as sharing the ball with her teammates.  She was always re-defending, looking for the open player, and sliding quickly.  Casey also shined on ground ball possessions, boxing out her opposition and beating them to the ball ball. As always, Casey was coachable, listening to feedback and making changes.  Casey’s smile and enthusiasm is contagious and she helped contribute to our teams overall energy and success!

2022 Army: Stella MacLellan!  Stella worked extremely hard during each game. She made smart decisions with the ball on offense and was not scared to drive hard to goal! She matched up quickly on defense and communicated very well. Stella also helped our team win 3 games by winning THREE brave hearts! She won the draw for each brave heart and did not back down, even when she turned the ball over during the last one. She battled it out and came out on top!

2022 Emerald: Eva Chouinard! Eva was on fire at the Beantown Battle! Her offense, defense and shooting were amazing.  She played aggressively, with confidence and made good decisions all over the field. Her off ball movement was strategic, setting picks for her teammates to drive and shoot. Eva also worked on drawing the double team and moving the ball to the open player. She was key in our 5-1 record (we lost in a brave heart on a questionable call, but whose keeping track?!) that put us in the playoffs. Nice work Eva!

2022 Lime: Meaghan Sheehan! Meaghan was a consistent hard worker and to end, playing great defense and always ready to pick up the ground balls. She is a smart player, always looking for opportunities to set up a teammate for a good opportunity. She never let up!

2021 White: Elizabeth Driscoll ! Elizabeth was huge in net this weekend.  She made great stops, good clears, and improved as the day went on. So glad we had her as an anchor in net during the Beantown Battle! Great work, Elizabeth!

2021 Pink: Paige Rocha!  Paige played great in net and was a key player on defense.  She was very vocal and she had some key saves that definitely helped us make it to playoffs.  She was also playing multiple games in a row due to having to play for other teams but was always ready for our games.

2021 Yellow: Nora Lema! Nora was a force on our team this weekend. Her strong and precise stick skills were crucial to our successes this weekend. Nora played strong and intense defense throughout the tournament and really stepped up to be a leader on the field when we needed her. Great job, Nora!

2021 Purple: Sophie Shuman! Sophie gave all out effort every time she stepped on the field. She also was super eager to get better, consistently asking for feedback and where she could improve. Keep up the hard work Soph!

2020 Orange: Caroline Linscott! She did all the things we emphasize in practice! She battled for ground balls using her body to box out players from other teams. She doubled the ball and forced turnovers on defense.  On offense she was setting picks and doing X cuts! She also got a couple goals by great cuts on the crease and “draw and dumps”. Couldn’t ask for more as a coach!

2020 Red: Mattea Del Peschio! Mattea was all over the field on Sunday! She put pressure on the ball, slid to the double teams, drove to the cage, and helped her teammates balance the field. She was versatile, and gave it 150% every time she stepped on the field.  Mattea has a drive to compete, and does a great job of bringing up the energy for her entire team. Great work Mattea!

LXC Black: Sara Addeche! Sara came out so strong from the start of the tournament this weekend and never skipped a beat! She had solid shooters coming at her all day and really stepped up to make some unbelievable saves! She made it look east! Her team really fed off of her energy with every big stop! Way to go, Sara!

LXC Violet: Olivia Kerrigan!  What a performance! Olivia’s quick hands kept our team in competition with many of our opponents. With such fast pace games, Liv gave our team second chance opportunities on many occasions with her big time saves. Additionally, smart decision making on the clear allowed us to possess and score!

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