Where Are They Wednesday: 2017 Caroline Galligan!

You asked for an update on our first graduating class of LXC in 2017, and we listened!  Below is our second post of “Where are they Wednesday” with LXC ’17 graduate Caroline Galligan!  Learn about the chemistry major and scroll down for some words of wisdom to our current LXC Players!!

Name:         Caroline Galligan                             

Former High School:        Marshfield High School

Total Years Playing Lacrosse:    10 years

University Attending:          Western Connecticut State University

Mascot:       Colonials

Field of Study / Major:     Chemistry

Favorite spot on campus:         The Library

Favorite part of college lacrosse:       The best part to me, was arriving at college, already having a group of friends when I first got to school!

Hardest part of college lacrosse:       Keeping up with faster paced practices and games.  There are no plays off!

How many players are on your lacrosse team?     23

Favorite position on the field:             Attack

Current position you are playing:       Attack

Fall Ball Highlight: Scoring the first goal in our first fall ball game (GO CAROLINE!).

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?    Being able to fly

Any advice for our LXC players interested in playing in college? Yes!  If you are interested in playing lacrosse in college I would 100% recommend it.  I have loved every second of being a part of a college lacrosse team and I don’t regret my decision to play at all. It is time consuming, but very rewarding as well!


Way to go Caroline!!! We look forward to watching how Western Connecticut does this upcoming season! #DREAMBIG #LXC

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