Weekend Recap: Boston Strong!!!

This weekend we had 12 of our teams compete in our Boston Strong tournament in Taunton, MA! Our girls played against other teams from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. All of the teams at Boston Strong brought their A game. Playing in theses short sided games highlighted stick work, speed, hustle, quickness and teamwork.

As always, everyone needs to be working on their stick skills and fitness outside of LXC practice. This is an expectation for our club. Especially with spring seasons right around the corner, we want to make sure that our players are as ready as ever to compete!

And now, onto the PLAYERS OF THE WEEKEND!!! These players were chosen by their coaches because they played with heart, constantly were hustling, and left all of their effort on the field! Congratulations, ladies!

Players of the Weekend

Green (3/4)…Kyleigh Rabazzi and Abi McIntire : Kyleigh and Abi were an awesome example of what it means to be an all around player! They played wherever needed and never stopped hustling. Their intensity set the bar for the rest of the team. They both moved the ball well in transition and made smart passes to help us control the ball. Awesome job girls!
White … Macy Watts : Macy was the hardest worker on the field. The team looked to Macy to run the midfield and make game changing plays. She never complained about running the midfield, and scored important goals through the tournament!
Hunter…. Aubrey McMahon :  Aubrey was a force this weekend! She played aggressive end to end, hustling to 50/50 balls and causing turnovers in our ride. On the attacking end, She came up with some key plays including scoring the tying and winning goal against GSE with seconds left to end a hard back and forth battle. Aubrey is a team player and a true gamer!
Emerald… Molly Ross : Molly is a great midfielder with excellent skills.  Molly did a great job going hard to goal when she’s on attack, and is a strong and aggressive defender on defense. Molly’s hard work stood out to the coaches this weekend because she was all over the field! Great work this weekend, Molly!
Shamrock… Olivia  Sowersby and Caroline Villarin : Caroline is just full of heart and hustle. She listens, has great stick skills and is like a stealth bomber all over the field – always making plays. She is very impressive to watch because of her unselfish passion.  Her skill-set raised the level of play and set a tone of competitiveness for the entire tournament. Olivia hustled the entire day, gave her all on the field during every shift, and excelled at being a team player. She had a few good runs in the Midfield, but knew it wasn’t for her, so she asked to return to Defense, where she felt her skills would be “best utilized” (her words!). We admire that honesty and self-awareness in a 5th grade player.
Royal… Emily Johnson :  Emily Johnson was one of the hardest workers I’ve seen in every single game. She never showed if she was tired and never gave up. Two things our team struggled with was shot placement and cutting for the goalie clears, she stepped up and did both with ease. She rode in the midfield and had some clutch goals for us to win some close games by 1. Awesome job Emily!!!
Teal… Caitlin Conley :  Caitlin had a great attitude throughout the whole tournament, showed hustle and was making a difference all over the field during our games! Awesome job, Caitlin!!
Blue… Anya Younie and Cam Flaherty  : Cam played a consistently high level in all facets of the game. She was especially strong in our clears as the “go to “ player when facing a tough re-defend. Anya’s play in goal was crucial to Blue making it to the Semi Finals. Anya keeps getting stronger with each tourney!
Gold … Caroline Klim : Caroline played consistently throughout the day and came up huge with many goals for our team. Her low shots around the goalie were amazing! She played aggressively and with hustle throughout all of the games. Way to go, Caroline!
Celtic… Isabel Pithie : Izzy was the backbone of our team during the tournament. She made crucial saves during each game and her clears set the tone for each play. Izzy’s communication and confidence rippled through the each of our games. Awesome work, Izzy!!!
Bruins…  Lexi Swartz : Lexi has improved so much with her shooting accuracy!  Her sharp shooting put us ahead during a tie in the last second of one of our games!  Lexi always hustles on the field and is very speedy.  It’s clear that she has been working on her shooting, which puts her at the next level!
Yellow… Caitlin Hicks : Caitlin was all over the field as a solid low defender, but also found herself transitioning the ball over the midfield and even playing a role on the attacking end. Several times Caitlin was able to nail her timing and intercept key passes into the middle of the scoring zone. If the ball went down in out defensive area, Caitlin was always there to pick it up and found a fantastic groove with her teammates, working double teams all over the field. Caitlin was on fire and it was so fun to watch her play on Sunday!
Orange….Olivia Tilzey : Olivia hustled in each game whether we were winning and losing, playing offense or defense. When Liv got the ball from a teammate or by causing the turnover, she was quick to increase the tempo. Liv played with confidence and competed all day long. She was coachable and willing to try new things.

Red…Brooke McLoy :  Brooke worked tirelessly all over the field, whether she was a defender, midfielder, or attacker.  Two most impressive moments from Sunday:  in our fourth game, Brooke made a clutch catch at the top of the crease and scored a beautiful behind the back shot.  Then, in our semi final game against Mass Elite Gold, Brooke was selected to represent our team in a Braveheart.  Brooke lost the draw, but as the other player got the ball and began to drive down to our goal, she was patient, staying with her attacker, and timing a perfect back check to get the ball back.  Brooke scooped up the ground ball and worked her way back down the field winning the braveheart with a well placed shot to the low corner!  What an amazing show of athleticism and game sense


Green (HS)… Shea Jenkins : Shea was a force to be reckoned with all over the field! Her high energy play brings the team up, and she was jumping double teams and causing turnovers everywhere! Shea’s speed and accurate shooting was turning heads in Taunton!

Congrats to our POTW at BOSTON STRONG!  We hope everyone has an amazing week, please remember to do some wall ball and work on your stickwork!!!

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