Where are they Wednesday? Update from 2017 Deirdre Burchill!

We saw one of our 2017’s, Deirdre Burchill, this weekend at Boston Strong! Deirdre is a two sport athlete at Assumption playing field hockey AND lacrosse! Read about Deirdre’s college experience, and her advice for upcoming LXC players!
Name:  Deirdre Burchill.
Nickname: They call me Deedles or Deids.
Former High School:  Braintree High School (GO WAMPS!).
Years Playing Lacrosse:  9
College: Assumption College (with coach Abbey!).
Mascot: Greyhound.
Major: Undecided.
Favorite spot on campus: The dining hall.
Favorite part of Lacrosse: The new College level rules.
Hardest part of Lacrosse: Adjusting to the new rules.
How many players are on your team? 28 players.
Favorite position on the Field?  Just being on the field!
Current Position: Midfield.
Fall ball highlight: I played college field hockey during the fall.
If you could have a Superpower, what would it be?  If I had to choose a superpower, I would like to be able to read minds.
Advice for LXC girls interested in College Lacrosse:  Put in the work outside of practice and games.  you have to work out, play wallball, and constantly try to get better in order to be competitive in college.  The work outside of practice is hard and time consuming, but it certainly pays off.
Thank you Deirdre!! We can’t wait to watch you in action this Spring!!! #dreambig  #gohounds

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