This weekend, our players completed in our annual Beantown Battle in Weymouth, MA! Every year we look forward to the quick pace, the competitive games and then overall high level of play. Playing in a 4v4 setting challenges you to play smart, play quick, and play together. Our girls showed that they showed up ready to compete. A special shout out to our LXC Olive team who crushed their division! Great job to all of our players this weekend.

REMEMBER: After all of these tournaments, practices and play dates we have throughout the year, take a moment to write down in your lax journal tips, tricks, drills, highs, lows and even coaching points you have learned. It is always a good thing to look back to reflect on some of the great plays you have made, or the great plays you have watched your teammates play through. Come to every LXC event ready to be a sponge. Always leave with a positive takeaway and a goal of what you want to do better next time!

And now, on to our players of the weekend!…

Elizabeth Gill  Emerald
Elizabeth did a phenomenal job this past weekend both on attack and defense! Her grit level only increased as the day went on! Elizabeth came up big with some really aggressive 50/50 balls and had a nose for cage when her teammates set her up for success! Defensively, Elizabeth was the loudest one out there and set the tone for what we wanted our defensive unit to look and sound like for the rest of the tournament! Great job Elizabeth!! GO EMERALD!!

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President’s Cup and The Debut

Last weekend the 22s,  21s, and 20s escaped the snow to Orlando, Florida to play in the IWLCA Presidents Cup and the Debut!  Playing at the ESPN Wide World of Sports and Champions Gate is always an exciting weekend, but this year was out of this world! Our girls competed at a high level with clubs from all over the nation. Our teams played exceptionally well and our coaches were proud to show off such talented, and hardworking teams at these tournaments!  Playing new opponents from across the US makes us mentally and physically tough. It forces us to play outside of our comfort zone and adjust on the fly. Throughout the weekend, different players stepped up as leaders in each game, we saw tremendous improvement in our team defense and we were able to learn new concepts, and put these into play on the field!

To all our players : Remember the feeling after a hard fought game. Write down what you learned from others, and what you can do better. Take notes on new plays, concepts, and adjustments your team made on the field.

A huge thank you to our families and coaches — without you, this tournament would not be possible.

And now for our “players of the weekend” who stuck out as leaders and team players in Florida…

2022 : Sorelle Lawton

Sorelle was a huge part of our success this weekend for the 2022 team. She controlled the draw, created opportunities for teammates and had some well timed goals. Sorelle is the definition of a team player. From half time strategy talks to fighting for a 50-50 ball, sorrelle gets it. She is constantly analyzing each play, and looking for ways to improve her game. Sorelle, fantastic job this weekend!

2021 Black : Michaela Downer and Cassidy Thibodeau

Both Michaela and Cassidy were impact players for us this weekend. On the draw during our last game, Michaela controlled the pace of the game. She read her opponent and used her Lax IQ to beat her opponents on the draw. In the midfield, Cassidy left everything she had on the field. Hustling everywhere, Cassidy was a huge contributor to our successful transitions. Well done ladies!

2021 Green : Kendall Traveis

Kendall played outstanding this weekend. She was able to control the draw and controlled the midfield with her clean stick work. Kendall was not afraid to push the ball into our attack end and start our offense off strong. She caused turnovers in the midfield that led to scoring plays and played tough and aggressive defense. Awesome job this weekend Kendall!

2020 Black : Tatum Galuski

Tatum was great off the draw and hustled throughout the entire weekend. She played well in transition both offensively and defensively and left all of her energy on the field every single game. Tatum was an impact player for us in the midfield this weekend and did an incredible job. Keep up the good work, Tatum!

2020 Green : Mary Butler

All over the field, Mary was a huge asset to our success this weekend. Not only did Mary crush it on the green team, but she volunteered to play in 4 extra games with our black team. Mary is the definition of a team player. Every time she sets foot on the field, her goal is to get better. Mary worked incredibly hard this weekend and always goes 150%. Awesome job, Mary.


Battle at the Base and Lax for a Cure WEEKEND RECAP

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.30.33 AM.png

We had two tournaments running this weekend, Battle at the Base in Weymouth at Union Point and Lax For the Cure in Morristown, NJ. In Weymouth, all of our teams played exceptionally well. Showing off stick work, heart and hustle, our ladies did not shy away from a 50-50 ball. Down in Morristown NJ both 2022 and 2021 teams went undefeated 3-0, 6-0 for the weekend!! Our girls played aggressive defense, smart attacking and continued to work on their transition. We are so proud of how our ladies faced their competition and look forward to seeing some of them play next weekend in FLA!

Now, on to our players of the weekend…


2022 : Lauren Wong

Lauren controlled the attacking end for the 22s. Her stick work was smooth and in control and she finished her shots at crucial parts of the game. Lauren’s hard work in the ride, hustle to every 50-50 ball and well timed shots made her a stand out player this weekend. Great job, Lauren!

2021 : Lexi Schwartz

Lexi was on fire this weekend! Her aggressive ride into defense, powerful and placed shots and 100% hustle were a huge part of our teams success this weekend. Lexi worked at 110% all over the field and set a great tone for our games. Keep working hard Lexi, you had a great weekend!


2023 Jungle : Bella Juliano and Cam Traveis

Though Jungle did not get the results we wanted this weekend, Bella and Cam stood out for us at the BATB tournament. They took all of the draws and gave us a chance with each possession. Both girls went to the cage and created scoring opportunities for themselves and others while playing great defense!

Marine : Emily Rowley and Bridget Donovan

Both Emily and Bridget made huge plays this weekend that contributed to our 2-1 record for the tournament! In goal, Bridget came up with a few big saves during the day. In the midfield, Emily was an important member in our ride and in our transition on to attack. We all had a BLAST playing together! Great job girls!

2023 Forest : Rorie Newman

Rorie was consistently solid and reliable with 1v1 defense, helping her teammates and sliding to the ball or when she needed to crash. Rorie was strong in transition and in the ride causing many turnovers in all 3 games. Great job this weekend, Rorie!

2024 Red Sox : Marlee Austin

Despite the cold, especially when the sun went town, Marlee had endless high energy and was always the first to cheer for her teammates on the sidelines and get everyone going during warmups! In the midfield, she crushed the draw by out hustling her girl and being extremely scrappy around the circle. She always redefended in transition as hard as she could and had some clutch plays that were game changers for us. Awesome job, Marlee!

2024 Patriots : Lindsey Bennett, Lila Deluca, Mary Collins, Callie Burchill

These 4 girls crushed it this weekend! They stepped up and played great body defense in settled defense and in their ride in transition. They worked together as a team and never stopped working hard.

2025 Army : Sarah Bunnell

Sarah is our POTW for her athleticism in the midfield and her versatility to play anywhere on the field. She played solid defense and used her speed throughout the midfield. Sarah had a great attitude all day and gave 100 percent effort every time she was on the field!

2025 Hunter : McKenna Flowers

McKenna rocked it this weekend!! She had so many caused turnovers on defense by playing solid body defense, keeping contact and moving her feet. The second the ball hit the ground, she attacked it and was able to transition it out of the defensive end with speed and her solid stick work. She came up with a lot of big stops for us this weekend…awesome job, McKenna!

2027/2028 Black : Avery and Emerson Acquaviva

Both Avery and Emerson were a force to be reckoned with this weekend. Their athleticism and speed were impressive. They fought for every ground ball and they double teamed all over the field. They were aggressive on defense. They used their quickness to run by defenders and their accuracy with shooting helped their team go undefeated.

2027/2028 Green : Addie Curry

Addie did an awesome job this weekend! With a hat trick in the first game and fantastic defense in the championship game, she was an all around superstar! Keep up the great work, Addie. 


Fall Fear and New England Showcase RECAP!

It was a busy weekend this past weekend for our Laxachusetts family! With 21 teams competing in both Longmeadow and Ft. Devens, we certainly showed off our club’s skill and dedication to the game. Our teams demonstrated positive teamwork and camaraderie with their opponents, and also made sure they had fun! We are proud of how are players work together and are proud of the hard work ethic they put in while they are with us. Remember: you can always get better! You can get faster! You can always improve on stick skills! And, you can always be a better teammate! It is important that while we continue with our fall season that our players are keeping this humble, hard working attitude in mind! Want to get better for your teammates, your coaches and then yourself.

We appreciate all that our coaches do in order to make these weekend possible! And now, on to our players of the weekend!!!


New England Showcase in Longmeadow

2022 Gold : Meredith Salvin

All over the field, Meredith was phenomenal this weekend. She moved the ball really well on offense, made great decisions in the midfield and played lock down defense. Meredith had great hustle in between the 30’s and did great on both sides of the ball. Awesome tournament, Meredith!

2022 Green : Eva Chouinard

Eva has played so well this fall. She is the most precise shooter on the field and makes unselfish plays on the attacking end. Eva is smart defensively and extremely coachable. Keep up the great work, Eva, you are crushing it!!

2022 Black : Lily Hunder

Lily was aggressive all over the field and played whatever position her team needed her to this weekend. Her “team first” attitude is what made her team go undefeated this weekend. Lily had a few clutch caused turnovers and was aggressive in the ride. Keep playing team first, Lily!

2021 Black : Antonia Gomez

Antonia played so well this weekend! She immediately took leadership by starting warm-ups and always brought great positive energy to every game! She crushed the draw and was extremely coachable when I threw in a new draw technique and had her try it. She helped lead the midfield and rode hard all the way back to defense talking the whole time. Keep up the great work, communication and hustle !

2021 Green : Audrey Cole

Audrey kept the pressure on all day, causing turnovers all over the field locking into double teams, and scrapping for ground balls in the midfield. She was consistently able to help settle down and control our offense, and was always composed in the midfield. Great job, Audrey!

2020 Green : Katie Lindstrom
Katie had a standout tournament on attack for her team.  She had some highlight real catches and goals to help her team generate offense.  She was also a presence on the ride helping us cause turnovers.  Great job Katie.
2020 Black : Caroline Kagen
Caroline played consistent defense for her team all tournament.  She made some great stops in 1v1 defense causing turnovers and communicating well with her teammates.  Great work Caroline.
2019 : McKenzie Vasque
Mckenzie was a a threat all over the field.  From winning draws to scoring goals and causing turnovers she made her presence known to her opponents.  Her play on both ends of the field was a key factor in her teams success this weekend.


Fall Fear at Ft. Devens

2023 Hunter : Schuyler Cerow

Schuyler Cerow, is team Hunter’s player of the week from Fall Fear. She is a very “alert” defender and patrols the 8 meter with extreme tenacity.  She knows when to slide to help on ball defenders and is not afraid of taking a charge. She was also instrumental in most of our clears throughout the day.  Nice job Sky!!!

2024 Blue : Meg Doyle

Meg was our most outstanding player of the week for Blue this week. She won countless draws, locked on in double teams, caused a bunch of crucial turnovers, got the ball back when there was a turnover made and she rode hard on transition. Along with these, she scored great goals, played awesome defense, and just as always had a GREAT attitude!

2024 Royal : Mary Collins

Mary was a huge asset to our team this weekend. She was willing to play any positive and gave it 100% every time she was out on the field. Mary’s ball handling skills and ability to move the ball up the field in transition helped set up many offensive opportunities. Great job this weekend, Mary!

2024 Teal : Emily Baldwin

Emily Baldwin was a powerhouse in the midfield. She was a brick wall on D and kick started our attach when we needed it the most. Her ability to push the ball upfield and find the open player in the fast break is what made her an absolute stand out on our team.

2025 Marine : Zoe Rent 

Zoe had a great day on the midfield, working hard on every play and used her speed to transition the ball through the midfield. While on the sidelines, Zoe stayed engaged by encouraging teammates and being ready to play anywhere on the field-great energy, Zoe!!

2026 Emerald : Lucy Parker

Lucy played great for us in the midfield this weekend! She played awesome off the draw circle and brought speed for us in our midfield transitions. Lucy also had a great attitude all day which made her such a great part of our team. Way to go, Lucy!

2026 Army : Mavis O’Neil

Mavis was an anchor for our defense this past weekend. She did a great job playing one on one defense, causing turnovers and sparking our transitions. She is a team player with an awesome attitude and  she is someone that our whole team can count on. Keep it up, Mavis!!

2027/2028 Green : Sydney Tighe

Sydney was a crucial part of the team on Sunday. She showed that she is a solid defender and a great attacker who knows how to finish! Her enthusiasm to try new positions (like goalie!) will get her very far in the sport! Great job Sydney, keep working hard.

2027/2028 White : Cecilia Evans

Cecilia Evans was a stand out for the 27/28 White team.  She was willing to play every position and made a huge impact on the field. She excelled picking up ground balls and looking for the open player.  She had many assists in addition to several goals. She helped the white team win the 7v7 tournament!


IMG_0494 (1).JPG


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FINAL 2018 Summer Recap!!! Harvard Splash and Capital Cup!

It was another whirlwind weekend with out LXC family! This weekend LXC was represented at the Harvard Summer Splash in Cambridge, MA, and the IWLCA Capital Cup in Midlothian, VA!  At Harvard, our girls showed off their stick skills and battled through heat, rain, and of course, Storrow Drive traffic. Down in Midlothian, our high school teams played with intensity and grit against different clubs from across the US, through downpours of rain, and hot/humid weather!

We had two title winners, one in VA and one in MA this weekend. Our Midlothian Champion, 2021 Black, finished 5-1 for the weekend and played in the division final against Mass Elite, winning 8-7.  What an absolute battle! The whole team played lights OUT.  Our Harvard Champion, 2024 Hunter, finished 6-0 for the weekend in their games! They beat Salt City Snipers, for the win at Harvard Splash! Well done girls!!!

We are very proud of how all of our teams played this weekend! As a reminder, with try-outs coming up, it is VERY important that you keep working on your stick work and fitness.  Now is not the time to put your stick down… IT WILL SHOW!  As all of our players are competitive and looking to improve, take a look at your summer feedback from the coaches, this will help you zone in on specific things you need to work on! Enjoy a few lax free weeks and see you all at tryouts!!

And now, onto our Players of the Weekend!

2026/2027 Green : Lilya Bazinet
This weekend, Lilya was a key player and leader on settled defense. She anticipated her slides incredibly well and never backed down on doubles. Lilya was also a key contributor and spark in transition. Her vision and ability to find cutters helped our team move  the ball quickly out of our defensive zone, which resulted in many fast break opportunities and fun, team goals. Keep up the awesome work, Lilya!
2024 Army : Willow Cyr
Willow had an unbelievable weekend and truly got better every game! Not only was she “wicked smaht” with the ball but she also did a phenomenal job on the draw and on the ride! Willow showed a lot of heart and hustle at Harvard and made her teammates look really good! Great job Willow!!
2026/2027 White : Rachel Train
Rachel played goalie in her second LXC tournament this weekend. She played awesome and helped keep us competitive our games with huge saves! She had no fear and came up with many long shot 50/50s with her hustle to the line. Keep up the good work Rachel!
2024 Hunter : Tess DeSantis
This weekend Tess played a crucial part in the reason as to why our team won the championship. Originally a defender, she played midfield for our team for the entirety of the games. She has an awesome box out on the draws and came up with huge wins on the circle. Her speed was noticed on the ride causing several turnovers, as well as pushing the ball hard on translation. To top that, she had several goals for the team as well.
2022 Jungle : Sorelle Lawton
New to the LXC girls program this year, Sorelle has played attack, Middie and defense in almost every tournament.  Sorelle was relentless this weekend at the Harvard tournament, coming up with countless draw controls, transitioning the ball from our defensive end thru the midfield into our attack and running our offense thru our motion plays.  Sorelle dominated her defenders and came up with ground balls all over the field, many of which resulted in a scoring play.  Sorelle handled the weather on Sunday with zero issue and continued to work hard and make plays for her teammates.  Congratulations to Sorelle for being our POTW!
Pine : Meaghan Sheehan
Meaghan is so reliable every game and is one of the hardest workers on the field. She was very feisty on the draw controls and did a phenomenal job on defense, especially in our last game. There were so many opportunities that she shut down with her timely and aggressive slide.
2022 Forest : Ava Brosnan
Ava did a great job this weekend.  She had some key plays and great checks on the ride that helped us get the ball back and keep possession.  She had some great shots and never hung her head. She also had the best positive attitude (even when we were about to play in the pouring rain).  Great job Ava!
2023 Royal : Charlotte Spaulding
Charlotte was dominant at the draw circle as well as on settled attack AND defense.  She knew when to push the fast break and when to take the ball to X and work for a good shot.  Her 8 meters all had perfect placement.  Her work at perfecting her non dom stick skills was very apparent all weekend.  Keep hitting the wall with both hands and keep up the good work!!!
Blue : Anna Clair, Paige Curran, Whitney Dacko
LXC Blue had a TERRIFIC summer finishing 17-5-1 against some great competition! The girls competed every time out and was truly our pleasure to watch them improve and evolve as players! Harvard Summer Splash was no different, as the weather did not diminish the hard work of our whole team and these THREE individuals. Anna Clair –  It seems every tourney we are asking Anna to switch positions at a moment’s notice and she always does and never lets us down! Her work at both ends of the field while playing middle was fun to watch! Paige Curran was our offensive player of the weekend scoring goals and assisting on others in all our games while showing some “next level” creativity while doing it! And finally, Whitney Dacko had a HUGE jump in her game all summer long, but was really on display this weekend, as she made some great defensive plays causing turnovers which led to us all watching “wide eyed” as she showcased her downfield speed! She also scored an impressive goal in transition!!
HS Silver : McKenzie Mullen
This weekend, McKenzie made a huge impact for us defensively. She cause lots of turnovers and came up with many ground balls, which lead to quick transitions and fast break goals. Kenzie communicated very well to her teammates and helped to organize the defense. Great work Kenzie, keep it up!
2019: Izzy Jackson
Izzy played wherever her team needed her on attack, midfield or defense throughout the whole weekend. She was consistent and contributed at every position! Izzy was a great teammate this weekend! Great job, Izzy!
2020 Green: Sydney Scales
Syd is an unbelievable midfielder.  She is blazing fast, running opponents down from the opposite side of the field, and flies by her defender with ease on the attack end. She runs up and down with ease, and never seems to tire! Syd is always active, setting her teammates up for good opportunities, and looking to dodge at all times.  She doesn’t rest on Defense either, she is a strong, aggressive defender that nobody wants to take 1v1. Keep hustling Syd!!
2020 Black: Madeline Hesse
All weekend Maddie had high intensity, hustle and played vert smart. She was always cutting to ball to help our her low defenders and middies in transition, had some unreal back doors on attack and finished her shots with ease. Maddie had some big goals when we really needed them and worked well with her teammates to either set them up for success or ride hard if there was a turnover. Awesome job this weekend, Maddie!!
2021 Green: Audrey Cole
Audrey was a huge part of our team’s success this weekend. Her draw controls, midfield runs, defensive stops and shots on attack were perfectly timed and fantastic. Audrey scored the game winning goal in our over time game to help us move on in playoffs. Her positive attitude, HUSTLE, lax IQ and overall awesomeness make her a pleasure to have on the team. Great job, Audrey!
2021 Black: Grace Mango and Lexi Swartz
2021 Black had a phenomenal end to their summer this weekend. They won their 2021 division, absolutely crushing the weekend! All of our ladies stood out this weekend and left it all on the field. Grace Mango and Lexi Shwartz both earned player of the weekend this summer. Grace came up with some major saves in net during the tournament and had a few game winning saves in our final game against Mass Elite. Lexi was a crucial part of our attack this weekend. Her shifty-ness and drive to net were excellent. Lexi scored a bunch of goals this weekend, including our game winner against Mass Elite. Awesome job, Grace and Lexi 🙂

Weekend Recap: The Rise, Top of the Flight AND NE All Star!!

IMG_1115What a weekend we had with our Laxachusetts Family! Teams competed in Gill, MA at The Rise, New England All-Stars at Ft. Devens and at Top of the Flight in New Jersey. All of our teams crushed it this weekend. Any weekend you can end with a championship win is a success….and we ended with SEVEN CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS! Congratulation to 2022 Forest, 2025 Neon, 2024 Hunter, 2024 Army, 2026, 2027, and 2020 Green for taking home the Ship! We are very proud of you girls!

Going into the last weekend tournaments of summer, we would love to see all of our girls making sure they hit the wall to work on their stick work and working on their shooting techniques. It is a great time of the summer to pull out those LXC NOTEBOOKS we are always talking about (yes, those should be real!) to read your notes from shooting clinics, camps and practices that you may have noticed. A fun thing to do is also to watch college or high school level film and then go try those skills in your back yard!

Now on to our players of the weekend…..

2025 Neon : Skylar Stephenson

Skylar was a dual-threat middie, being able to see the field both on D and attack. On defense, Skylar was a ground ball machine. When the ball was in Skylar’s stick, she was able to read the opposing team’s defense and find an open teammate; whether it was for a leading pass in the midfield, a fast break, or just settled attack. Great job Skylar!

2024 Army : Alex Cardos

Alex brought great energy, enthusiasm and made a ton of STELLAR plays this week for the 2024 Army champs! While playing in net, Alex had a shut out in game one and then helped make clutch saves to bring her team from behind to capture a second victory helping her team stay undefeated through the weekend.  Alex did not stop there however, she switched to attack and helped put a ton of goals in the back on the net and was always working hard to cause turnovers and keep possessions. Alex also showed what it means to be an LXC player by always looking to pass and get better in between games!

2024 Hunter: Esme “Smesme” Coes

Esme is a hustle player with a great attitude and is always looking for ways to make her teammates look better. This past weekend she not only did a great job of tallying up some goals herself but keeping her head up to look for her teammates and give them opportunities as well. Smesme’s great attitude, high energy, and team mentality are what make her our POTW!

2023 Royal : Haley Bright

Haley dominated in between the pipes both days this weekend.  She came up with some huge stops that kept us in the game and allowed us to go 4-0-1 on the weekend!  She helped the team make it to the playoffs where we fell short in our one half game against the twisters.  She was the backbone of the team this weekend!!

2023 Blue : Kate Watts and Cam Hamilton

Kate showcased her great speed, effort and shooting and has now added facilitating the offense with some heads up assists! Great to see her evolving as a player! Cam Hamilton or “Camilton” played, as always, tremendous defense all weekend with both her physical play and communication with fellow defenders. Her lax IQ was evident as she anticipated plays before they happened leading to multiple steals and into a quick transition usually leading to a goal!! Another great weekend LXC Blue!!

2022 : Julia Fortier and Katie Geis

These two amazing players have been working together, sharing the net/defensive responsibilities all spring and summer and this past weekend, they faced countless 8M’s, close free positions and man down situations.  They fearlessly led our team, kept our defensive unit communicating and held our team to a combined goals against of only 23 in 5 games, which was second place overall for the division!   Julia and Katie do an excellent job of working with each other both before and during every game and we are so lucky to have two special goalies for this team!

2022 Forest : Janey Smith

Janey was amazing at the NE All Star! She played excellent 1v1 defense, slid to help her teammates slow down the fast break, and safely transitioned the ball to our attack end. Janie made an especially large impact on the draw Sunday.  She is strong on the draw, boxes her opponents out and comes up with big ground balls!  Great job Janey!

2022/2023 Pine : Anna Rowley

Anna has worked so hard to become a consistent athlete who we can always count on. She had two non-dominant goals, countless ground balls, and a few great feeds, but most importantly she made improvements every game and did an excellent job executing our goals for our settled attack. She’s definitely someone to watch in the future if she keeps working as hard as she has so far.

2021 Green : Mikaila Kitchen


Mikaila did an amazing job this weekend on defense. She caused 10 turnovers in her 4 games played, causing 5 of them in one game! Mikaila reads her attacker extremely well and is an excellent team defender. Excellent job taking risks this weekend on defense, Mikaila, keep up the great work.

2021 Black : Kate Kruger 

Kate had an awesome weekend! She was a threat on the attacking end and was the key to her team’s success on the draw, especially in the play offs. Kate played great team defense and always looked to set up a teammate on attack or take the ball to net. Great job, Kate!

2021 Gold : Jenny (Genevieve) Littlejohn

Jenny played with high intensity the entire weekend. She ran through the ground balls and fought hard for the draw both when taking it and when starting on the circle. She increased the tempo of our attack and made smart decisions with the ball. Jenny was very coachable and had a positive attitude all weekend.

2020 Green : Haley O’Connor

Haley did an amazing job on the ride this weekend. Her speed and hard work consistently slowed the ball down from coming back to our defensive end. She caused a few turnovers in the ride and certainly did her job. Great work, Haley!

2020 Black : Mary Butler 

Mary was a lights out defender this weekend! She played aggressive, smart and mostly composed defense. She took risks and caused a hand full of turnovers. Mary also stepped up when we needed her to play midfield and crushed it there as well. Great work, Mary!

2019/2020 : Molly Theobald

Molly was a huge part in our success as a team this weekend. She played in the midfield and worked hard all weekend on both ends of the field. She was a crucial part in our transition this weekend. Awesome job, Molly!

2019 : Sammy Gorassi

Playing in the midfield this weekend, Sammy was a force. She volunteered to play on both of our 2019 teams and did not disappoint on either team. Sammy consistently found the back of the net on attack and quickly got back in transition to defense. Her positive attitude and hard work ethic make her this weekend’s POTW for the 2019 team.

Special Edition Weekend Update: Under Armour All American

Last weekend, 9 of our Laxachusetts girls played in the Under Armour (UA) All American tournament in Baltimore, Maryland. In order to get on to this team, players attended a tryout, and went through two rounds of selection. This tryout process, and elite tournament was a great experience for our players!

All of our players showcased their grit, hard work, and talent in their games.  Having the opportunity to represent New England and LXC in such a high intensity tournament is an honor,  and we could not be more proud of our players who competed in the tournament!!

Here are the girls who competed in the Under Armour tournament;

Team Highlight 2019/2020 : Reed Cole

Highlight finished 4-0 in games this weekend and made it to the championship round for their bracket, finishing 5-1 for the tournament. Reed was an impact player on the defense and in the midfield at UA. She was a lethal defender, showcasing her footwork and strength in her 1v1 defense. Reed’s willingness to take a risk, her communication to teammates and positive attitude made her a standout member of the team!

Team Command 2021/2022 :  Audrey Cole, Alana Taveres, Lauren Tolve, Kendall Travis and Lila Trussel

Command finished 3-1 for the tournament. Ending in the 5th seed, losing in the quarter finals to New Jersey in a well fought game. Our LXC players were huge forces in the midfield! Both Kendall and Lauren were awesome on the draw. Kendall also had an amazing caused turnover on the defensive end against Upstate NY. Lila showcased her draw skills, and finished with 2 assists against Upstate NY. Audrey and Alana were flying through the midfield and pushing the fast break in transition. They were both quick to double in the high pressure defense. Overall, our girls added a tremendous amount of intensity to the weekend, and their lax IQ helped make quick decisions during games. Great job, Audrey, Alana, Lauren, Kendall and Lila!

Uncommitted Teams

The uncommitted team is comprised of four players from each region who have not yet committed to play lacrosse in college. Maddy King, Brooke McCloy and Anna Keney were among players from New England who were selected to play for these teams.

Uncommitted 2021 : Maddy King

Maddy did an awesome job this weekend and was a huge asset to her team. Playing in the midfield and on attack, she controlled crucial draw controls and scored the game winning goal for her team! Maddy representing New England and LXC on the 2021 team and we are so proud of how she played! Great job, Maddy!

Uncommitted 2022 : Brooke McCloy and Anna Kenney

Kudos to Brooke McLoy and Anna Kenney for representing LXC at the All-America Under Armour tournament as members of the Uncommitted 2022 team. Although they have been teammates since LXC started the girls program six years ago, Brooke (‘22 Red) and Anna (‘22 White) played against each other in Maryland. Both of them were strong and aggressive on offense and defense, and played their hearts out at Towson. They are fierce competitors who made us proud! Nice job Brooke and Anna!