January 2018 Wall Ball Winners Announced!!

Congrats our January 2018 Wall Ball Winners!  This month’s challenge winners are getting a NEW Crux head with LXC Strung MESH!  Congrats girls!

High School Winners:
Kylee Horlbeck 2020
Sadie Estey 2019
Middle School Winner:
Bella Juliano 2023
Youth Winner:
Maggie Slimbaugh 2025
If you missed out in January, keep an eye out for our next challenge starting after February vacation!
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“Where Are They Wednesday” Featuring 2017 Annie Wilson!

The Laxachusetts Girls program is SO PROUD to have graduated our first recruited class last year! We decided to check-in with some of our former players to see what they are up to their first semester of college!  Kicking off our “Where are they Wednesday” is Annie Wilson,  a talented defender from the LXC class of 2017!  Annie was a stand out defender for us, and has successfully finished her first semester at St. Lawrence University! See what Annie has to say below about her college lax experience!

Name: Annie Wilson                                   

Nickname: Annwin

Former High School: Concord Carlisle High School

Total Years Playing Lacrosse: 13

College / University Attending: St Lawrence University

Mascot: Saints

Field of Study / Major: Psychology

Favorite spot on campus: My room

Favorite part of college lacrosse: The level of competition

Hardest part of college lacrosse:  It’s a huge step up from high school, a lot more work is expected from the coach and your team.

How many players are on your lacrosse team? 21

Favorite position on the field: Defense

Current position you are playing: Defense

Fall Ball Highlight: Winning all of games during the play day.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Being invisible

Any advice for our LXC players interested in playing in college?  There is a college out there for everyone and everyone will find the right college for themselves. Work hard and put in that extra time and you will be able to achieve great things!!

Such great advice from the wise Annie Wilson! Stay tuned to “where are they Wednesday” to see how some other 2017’s are enjoying their first semester of college lacrosse!

GO LXC!!!!

Why Do You Play?


By Lindsey Munday, Head Coach, University of Southern California @USCTrojansLax

I think it is safe to say that when someone asks the question, “why are you involved in lacrosse?” a popular answer may be “well, because I love it.” That is why I’m involved in this beautiful game. I absolutely love it, and I have a blast being involved in it. I love the speed, I love the skill, but most of all, I love the relationships and experiences it has given me.

15 Munday, Lindsey HC - DA (1) Photo courtesy of USC Sports Information

But if love is at the core of why we are involved, then why do we let outside factors affect it so much? Why do we let scholarship offers, playing time, or wins and losses get in the way of enjoying every second we are lucky enough to play, coach, or watch this awesome game? Don’t get me wrong; I…

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Be the Athlete we NEED to Coach

For the 12 hours that I sat, observed and marked rankings at Laxachusetts tryouts this past weekend, I couldn’t help but ponder..

With such a large amount of players to choose from, and with limited spots this year, what is it that REALLY makes us choose one player over the other? What makes one stand out among the madness?

Lots of players have athletic “potential.” Women’s lacrosse is a game where coaching is crucial. Stick work, can be developed when a player is exposed to the proper mechanics. Game IQ and position-specific skills, strengthens with experience and effective teaching. It’s our program’s philosophy and we passionately believe: it’s OUR responsibility as coaches to teach you the intricacies of the game and to give you all the tools you need to be successful. 

So at tryouts, as we minimized the coaching to fully observe the RECORD number of players trying out this year… 

We were seeking the subtleties that cannot be taught.


Speed. Honestly, this is the number 1 thing we look for. Not only when you are put on a line to do sprints, but more significant is the speed you play at IN the game. When the ball is in your stick, PUSH IT. Be fast. BLOW by your defender. Don’t hold anything back in your tank. Don’t play at 70 mph, play at 110. When it’s not in your stick, BUST it back to the defensive end or be the first one down to the attack to initiate a fast break. I assure you this is the BEST possible way you can stand out and you can QUICKLY get positive markings down next to your name just by exhibiting speed. We don’t care if you drop the ball. We don’t care if your mechanics aren’t perfect. But if you beat everyone down the field? We will want to coach you.

Work Ethic & Grit. To reiterate: we don’t expect or seek perfection (that’s what coaching is for!). Believe it or not, we care very little about how far along your skills are, but we want someone who demonstrates the work ethic. We want the grit. We want the hustler. We want the risk-taker. We want the spark on the field. We want to know that you are the type of player who will go home when we are not at Laxachusetts and use our tools to do everything you possibly can to become a better lacrosse player.

Passion & Personality. My fellow coaches and I, are absolutely obsessed with the game of lacrosse. We coach embodying this passion and we believe that this feeling is a vital part to being successful at the sport. We want the same from our athletes. So beyond the game… Are you having fun? Did you bring positive energy to the drill? Are you paying attention when we are talking with eye contact and head nods? Are you attempting to make new friends? Are you encouraging your teammates and trying to make them look good? Are you coachable when we ask you to try something new? Are you talking on both defense and attack? (even if you don’t know what to say, a #laxxyy rule of thumb for LIFE: ALWAYS talk.) In those two hours of simply observing your behavior and personality, it becomes obvious to us who will bring something special, fun, and unique to our program. Because at the end of the day, loving the sport and those you play it with is why we all show up.

So.. I encourage all of you.. don’t blend in; stand out. Don’t hide; play fearlessly. Make mistakes, take a few risks, and leave your comfort zone. Force us to have to put down our pens for a moment, look at each other and say, “I NEED TO COACH THIS KID.”

Be the player we NEED to coach.

We were absolutely THRILLED with the energy, skill level, and general buzz and excitement that surrounded our first weekend at tryouts. It was a hot, sticky weekend, and many of you pushed it to the next level. The talent pool this year is incredible, and we cannot WAIT to unravel the potential that exists within our teams this year.

Keep working hard, stay #laxxyy and we hope to see many of you next week!!