January 2018 Wall Ball Winners Announced!!

Congrats our January 2018 Wall Ball Winners!  This month’s challenge winners are getting a NEW Crux head with LXC Strung MESH!  Congrats girls!

High School Winners:
Kylee Horlbeck 2020
Sadie Estey 2019
Middle School Winner:
Bella Juliano 2023
Youth Winner:
Maggie Slimbaugh 2025
If you missed out in January, keep an eye out for our next challenge starting after February vacation!
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November Challenge 2016

The 2016 Fall Challenge is HERE!
Follow these steps to participate and for YOUR chance to win a prize. 

  1. Watch the DEMO video, & PRACTICE each exercise in the next week.

    The 7 exercises are the same from the Summer Matrix Challenge. The difference is that you are now scoring your TOTAL reps for the FULL 7 minutes, rather then breaking them up.

    1. Wrist Snaps DOM
    2. Wrist Snaps NON-DOM
    3. Catch-Cradle-Throw (CCT) DOM
    4. CCT NON-DOM
    5. Sling Shots DOM,
    6. Sling Shots NON-DOM
    7. Catch-Switch-Throw (CST)

  2. Download the Official Scoring track, & PRACTICE with it. 
    (Option to use the Track with or without music. You MUST use one of these tracks when scoring your Official Challenge so we can ensure consistency)

    Click here to DOWNLOAD the tracks onto your Tablet.
    OR, Listen here:

    With Music:

    Without Music:


  3. Pick someone you trust to be your Official Scorer (and who would be willing to confirm your score if contacted). Go to your favorite wall. Be prepared with a bunch of back up balls.

  4. Record your BEST Score in the form below during the Open Scoring Period (November 26th – November 30th)

  5. BONUS: Take a Post-Challenge photo of you and your wall and email it to holly@citysidelax.com or INSTAGRAM it with #fallchallenge2016

  6. Be the TOP in your age & WIN A PRIZE!


    Can you beat a Professional Lacrosse Player? Do your Challenge alongside Philadelphia Force’s Hilary Bowen!

    Score to beat? 291.

    Check out Hilary Bowen’s Post-Challenge Interview for tips!

    Questions about the Challenge? Email Holly@citysidelax.com

It’s time to get SERIOUS


For all of you laxers out there on the brink of your High School season, it’s time to get serious. You may be currently attending captains’ practices or training sessions with a Club team. However, I am going to argue that the real effort to prepare lies outside of any sort of organized practice.

The question you have to ask yourself is: how serious are you about getting better?

I hate to say it, but throwing the ball around in a leisurely manner, with casual reps against a wall, are not going to produce any fast results. So for this season’s Laxachusetts Challenge, we are going to get SERIOUS. Beyond the prizes, the Instagram videos, and the glory of being named a “winner,” are you ACTUALLY putting in the work on your own and holding yourself accountable? 

Ask yourself that honestly.

It’s easy to be anxious for the upcoming tryouts, but what if there is a different way? What if you worked so hard in the next three weeks that the confidence and fluidity you feel with your stick trumps any anxiety you feel about your upcoming tryout? What if you push your body hard NOW so that when you step on that line to run the first day, you feel confident, tough, prepared.

If you’re not sure what to do, let me make it easy for you. I am making a promise that getting better outside of practice only takes 22 minutes of focused, intense skill work (plus, it’s FUN). Eliminate the dread by putting in the work, NOW.

I urge you to get SERIOUS, and join our 2016 Preseason Challenge.  

And not just for the prizes or the glory, but for the results.

Fall Ball Ends with a “LAXXYY-DENT” Weekend

Fall LAXSANITY Challenge 2015

We were completely amazed by the dedication, commitment, creativity and brilliance that was displayed during the 2015 Fall Challenge. THANK YOU to everyone who put time into getting #LAXXYY last week. We had a RECORD number of participants this season and the competition was FIERCE!

HERE ARE OUR WINNERS… (drumroll, please..)


2024/2025: Anna Barton
2023: Brianna Biggins
2022: Casey Mitchell
2021: Audrey Cole
2020: Cate Barton
2019: Molly Shaw
High School: Jackie Stoller, Jane Earley

(Please choose between one of the items and email Holly with your choice, address and size so we can mail it to you!)

-Black Laxachusetts Sweatpants

-$25 LXC Gift Certificate to the NEW Winter Swag coming out next week


Maddy King (2021), Abigail Mitchel (2021), Leah Green (2021), Rori Smith (2019), Hadley Swenson (2024/2025), Lily Amorosino (2021), Erin Doyle (2020), Lily Stoller (2021). 

-$10 LXC Gift Certificate to the NEW Winter Swag coming out next week

For a preview of our Fall Challenge, watch the Video below (MAJOR shoutout to First Place Winners Cate & Anna Barton for their incredible submission.)

Sunday, November 15, 2015: The Fall Fear

It was our last drive out to Devens for the fall season, as we took on “The Fall Fear” tournament put on by the Bay State Bullets. While many of our teams had a good showing and advanced to the playoffs, our 2024/2025 Shamrock and our 2019 Lime team each won their respective brackets!! From our Youth teams all the way to High School, way to REPRESENT!!


Overall, it was a great day of team camaraderie, learning experiences and some hard fought, exciting wins!! 

It’s time for WINTER PRACTICES!! Our focus this year will be on TEAM CONCEPTS and learning to play together. This means it will be VITAL that you are keeping up with your stick work reps at home! Check back weekly as we will be posting new workouts and routines for you to follow at home. 

Thanks to ALL Laxachuzians for an INCREDIBLE fall and we look forward to seeing our High School teams tear it up this weekend down in Orlando!!


Spring Fling & Winter Challenge Recap!

February Challenge Recap- “The Laxxyybowl” 

We ended our Winter Skills Practices with one final Laxsanity Challenge. Despite all the snow storms and cancellations this Winter, our athletes worked extremely hard on all aspects of their game. This final Challenge proved just how far we’ve come as a group.

Also, this was the best FREEBALL we have seen yet! 

Stay laxxyy, Laxachuzians…

CONGRATS to our February “Laxxyybowl” Winners!! 

Kean Sneath & Nicola Donlan
Lizzie Evans & Morgan Arakelian

Erin Doyle & Tara Quill
Abby Stoller & Julia McCarthy

Elizabeth Sheck & Catherine Blake
Madi Alves & Haley Morrisey



Spring Fling- March 8, 2015: 

On March 8th, our Laxachusetts Teams traveled up to The Hampshire Dome in Milford, NH for our last action in the month of March. We are PROUD to say our 5th grade team took the Spring Fling TITLE! #thefutureisbright.

We wish everyone luck this spring and we hope to see everyone out on the field!!