LXC Celebrates the Class of 2018 at Gillette Stadium!

WOW! What a night celebrating the Laxachusetts boys & girls class of 2018!  This is the second graduating class for the girls, and we have so much to celebrate! This class has helped our program grow into the team that we are today.  Many of these graduating seniors have been with us from the beginning.  We took pictures, mingled amongst the boys and girls parents and players, enjoyed dinner, acknowledged all of our graduating seniors, announced our 4 awards this year, and ended with a sendoff from former Patriots Superbowl champion, Rob Ninkovich!  If you don’t know our class of 2018, they are a hardworking, gritty, and skilled team who saw so much success because of their teamwork on the field.  We are so proud of these seniors, watching them grow from youth players to an incredible group of young women and talented lacrosse players. Tearful goodbyes, but we cannot wait to follow you as you move on to the next stage of your athletic and academic careers! Class of 2018 Boys.Girls 4.30

This year, our LXC class of 2018 awards went to;

Dream Big Award: Shea Jenkins & Maddy Cooney!

Shea Jenkins is relentless.  She has one speed that is unmatched by most all opponents. She is the only player I have ever known to draw a yellow card on her opponent by using her head to check the other players stick with the ball in it.  Although the referees call was questionable, this type of play optimizes Shea.  She steps on the field in games and in practice with determined grit to make herself and those around her better.  In all that Shea does she brings 100%.  Shea will attend Harvard University next fall where she will continue to spark greatness in all that she does.  Congratulations, Shea

Maddy Cooney is our second recipient of the Dream Big Award.  A fierce competitor and a loyal friend, Maddy never ceases to bring contagious energy to everything she does.  She is the type of player that we love to coach and brings with her the right mindset to make anything and everything happen.  On the field, her coaches and teammates count on Maddy to make hustle plays that inspire those around her.  Her scrappy and determined play will help her find success throughout her college career.  We can’t wait to watch Maddy “Dream Big” and spread with the Boston College Eagles next year.

Commitment to Excellence Award: Jane Earley!

Jane Earley is this year’s recipient of the Commitment to Excellence award which is given to a player that consistently and substantially exceeds all expectations.  An exemplary student, she is always looking for ways to challenge herself on the field and in the classroom.  She is a loyal teammate who will find success in all that she does because of internal drive to make those around her better.  Her improvement and talent on the field is a result of her dedication to the sport of lacrosse and her personal success as a student athlete.  She is a versatile player, a trusted teammate, and a role model to those who follow in her footsteps.  Middlebury is lucky to have you, Jane! We can’t wait to watch you dominate the NESCAC next spring.

Leadership Award: Jordyn Arakelian

From the creation of the 2018 class, Jordyn has been the definition of a leader on and off the field.  Her work ethic, selfless play and dedication to push herself to the highest level, makes her an all around threat on the field and truly the “glue” that held this team together.  Her leadership ability shines through her ability to communicate with her teammates, her passion for the sport of lacrosse and her confident, decision-making skills.  Jordyn’s ability to be multi-dimensional whether it be taking draws, her superb field vision or impeccable shooting accuracy makes her essential to our success on the field.  Jordyn is the type of player to lead by example and inspires those around her to be great.  Jordyn will attending the College of the Holy Cross in the fall 2018.

New: The David Higgins Memorial Award: Siobhan Higgins

This award is in honor of David Higgins, who passed away suddenly in July 2016.  David was the father of four Laxachusetts players, James, John, Siobhan and Mary Kate.  David loved the outdoors and was an avid sportsman who enjoyed lacrosse, golf, fishing, running, tennis and skiing. His greatest love though was coaching Duxbury youth sports. He was an active coach and mentor for many years. His kind spirit, patience and enthusiasm for sports left a lasting, positive impact on a countless number of Duxbury youth players. This award is to honor his passion, commitment and inspiration to succeed.

This year, the David Higgins Memorial Award is presented to his daughter Siobhan Higgins.  Siobhan is one of our most spirited, dedicated, hard working lacrosse players in the class of 2018.  She had an incredibly difficult road ahead of her after her father passed.  She decided to look for a school closer to her family and found the perfect home at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst where her father also went to school.  Siobhan represents everything Laxachusetts stands for in her passion and commitment to the sport of lacrosse.  Every time Siobhan stepped onto the field, she did so with a huge smile and contagious energy.  We are so proud of Siobhan’s resilience and look forward to watching her become a Minutewoman!

Best of luck to our Laxachusetts class of 2018, as the head into the final few weeks of senior year, and onto the big leagues to continue their love for the sport of lacrosse!  #DREAMBIG

The Summer circuit has begun!! UMASS Tournament RECAP!!

This weekend we kicked off our summer tournament circuit at UMass Amherst on Saturday AND Sunday! 8 of our high school teams played in the New England Cup Showcase Saturday and Sunday, playing against teams from MA, NH, NY, NJ, VT and RI. The girls left everything on the field and looked awesome. On the youth side, at the New England Invitational, 11 LXC teams played girls from MA, NH, NK, NY, VT and RI as well. Neon, Blue, Hunter and Army all made it to the playoffs for their brackets! It is important to remember that we come to these tournaments to get better! During the summer, we will see teams from all over the country who will challenge our stick skills, agility and our mental toughness. Our coaches LOVE what we saw this weekend and are super excited to see what our teams have in store for us this summer!!!

As a reminder from our coaches…….all players should be putting in time outside of tournaments and practices to work on their stick skills and SHOOTING! Go back to your lax journals from the winter and check out some of the skills you learned during shooting nights! Or YouTube some Kayla Treanor’s shots 🙂

And now, on to the Players of the Weekend!!!



2019 Black : Hope Alto AND Caroline Thomas

Hope was a huge impact for LXC Black this weekend! She was excellent on the draw and came up with 50/50 balls all over the field. She hustled so hard in the midfield, played awesome defense and was a threat on attack with great off ball movement and drives to cage. Keep up the great work, Hope!
Caroline had a great attitude this weekend and played with heart. She had great pressure defensively and played awesome 1v1 defense. Her footwork looked great and she played with confidence in the defensive end forcing her attackers wide.

2020 BlackMary Butler

Mary had an amazing weekend at Umass. She played so consistent and gave 100% every time she stepped on the field. Her defensive footwork and pressure was phenomenal, and she would come out of nowhere and get so many interceptions and 50/50 balls. Mary cleared the ball well for us after getting some grub balls and moved it easily upfield. Keep up the great work and hustle, Mary!!

2020 Green : Abby Godwin

Abby was incredible all of the field.  When we needed a spark, she would fly out of nowhere to win the draw control.  Her hustle on defense caused multiple turnovers and was key in our fast transition.  On offense, she was dynamic with the ball either feeding, passing or creating lanes for her teammates!  Great work Abby!

2020 Gold : Caroline Davey

It was very hard to pick a POTW for 2020 gold, the whole team worked so hard! But Caroline “Kiki” Davey never stopped running all weekend! She was our go to player for transition, energy and draw controls. Anywhere we needed a sub she was willing to go. She was versatile, coachable and never stopped hustling! Way to go Caroline and the rest of 2020 gold!

2021 Black : OUR ENTIRE TEAM!

This weekend our team went UNDEFEATED (4-0) and because we played on field #10 all day Saturday we decided our team motto for the weekend was going to be  play like “Dime Pieces” aka shoot for a 10 out of 10 every game! For each game we set a goal for Attack, Midfield, and Defense and every game, half by half, we accomplished those goals! Every win was a complete team effort and this team had FUN while doing it!!
3 highlights of 2021 Black:
           1. Our ability to make our teammates look good on attack!
           2. Our RIDE! It was Unbelievable!!
           3. Our Backer Defense that we just threw in at half-time of 2 of our games

2021 Green: Audrey Cole

Audrey showed off her skills everywhere on the field this weekend. She played with heart and hustle in every game. Winning draw controls, coming up with crucial ground balls, causing turn overs on defense are just a few of what made Audrey our POTW this weekend. We especially loved Audrey’s strength, speed and sharp stick skills this weekend. Keep up the great work, Audrey!

2021 Gold : Genevieve Littlejohn

This weekend Genevieve showed tremendous hustle and was all over the field for the team.  She was fighting for draw controls, pressuring out on defense and helping to light a spark on attack.  Genevieve also showed great leadership qualities pointing out defensive and offensive opportunities to her team on the sideline and at the half. The drive and work ethic shown this weekend made Genevieve our play of the week.  Keep it up!!


 2022 Shamrock : Kate Collins

Kate was the one I turned to when I needed ANY position filled.  She happily played middie, defense, or attack whenever I needed her.  She even took the draw and was very successful after having never really done it before.  She was always hustling and giving her all even in the last game of the day when the rest of the team faded. I think she has a lot of potential to go far in her lax career!!  Very coachable and good speed. Great job, Kate!

2022 Forest: Kendall Donovan

This weekend Kendall was playing at a very competitive pace! She was willing to play all over the field, and succeed in every position she played.  Kendall has an amazing sense of the defensive position and very aggressive in going fully into a double. Kendall also has a great attacking sense as she is extremely agile and is able to get passed defenders. She was also extremely coachable, taking every direction she was given! Overall Kendall was a great player to coach!

2022 Jungle : Emma Davis

This weekend Emma Davis played fearlessly.  She was quick off the line, obtaining several draw controls in every game.  She did an excellent job battling for the ground balls, coming up with many in our defensive end as well as thru transitions.  Emma supported her teammates, sharing the ball on offense, moving quickly thru transitions, and getting herself back and set up on the 8M on defense.  When things didn’t go our way, Emma did not get discouraged.  Instead she kept her head on a swivel, looking for ways to create scoring opportunities.  Emma’s enthusiasm for competition helped her teammates success and that earned her the POTW for this tournament!

2022/23 PineSummer Foraste

Summer did a great job in goal this past weekend. She made great decisions in her clears and her positioning for shots was great. Each game, she brought a great attitude and kept her cool in cage.  I was so impressed with leadership and coach ability. Awesome job, Summer!

2023 TealSophia Barker

Sophia really stepped up for us this weekend. She was ready to play in any position and ended up playing midfield for us every game for almost the whole game. She had some key draw controls, amazing hustle, and caused turnovers. She brought the ball up the field with ease and had a contagious positive attitude. Great job, Sophia!!

2023 Royal : Erin Packard

Erin is listed as an attacker but when we moved her to D this past spring she was a force to be reckoned with.  The same went for this past Sunday!  She was ALL over every ball that was dropped by the other team and I knew if the ball was down inside the 12 she was going to end up with the GB, sprinting out to start the transition. She is a very solid and reliable defender and look forward to watching her grow as a player!

 2023 Blue : The Whole Team!

This week LXC Blue was down a couple of players but still managed to make it to the Finals. Though there were several girls who absolutely raised their game to the next level, the greater result of the weekend was working and playing as a team from the goalie out! Could not be more proud of this crew and look forward to an awesome summer!

2024 Army : Alexis Barton

Alexis was amazing on the draw circle this weekend. She was the first to many ground balls and boxed out the other team to gain draw controls. Alexis was gritty and hustled in the midfield! We wouldn’t have won as many draw controls without her!

2024 Hunter : Aubrey McMahon

2024 Hunter had a huge weekend this weekend with some amazing team wins so this was a tough choice, but our play of the week is Aubrey McMahon! Aubrey worked hard from end to end all weekend! She puts everything she has into her game and came up really big for us on the draw. She played tough, buckle down defense and had some great dodges and shots in the attacking end. Aubrey’s true grit really shined through in her battle during our championship braveheart where she never let up, despite having run four lengths of the field 1v1 against a tough opponent. Aubrey’s grit, heart and hustle this past weekend are we she is our POTW! Keep it up!

2025 Neon : Maggie Slimbaugh

This weekend Maggie was a standout player on the entire team. Her stick skills are phenomenal. Her speed allowed her to blow by everyone on the field to help lead out team on all areas of the field. She constantly looked for her other teammates to translation the ball up the field, assist them on their goals, win draw controls for the team, and ride hard to turn her opponents and get a caused turnover. She was the game changer for the team and played any position asked of her with a smile on her face. Maggie was a quiet presence on the field, but all of her teammates recognized and followed her example of hard work and engagement.

2025 Marines Sophie Casagrande

Sophie played out of her mind this weekend in net. Stepping to the ball, winning ground balls, making near perfect clears were just a few examples of why she is this weekend’s POTW for the Marines team. Sophie’s positive attitude, want to get better and coachability make her a player who we all LOVE to have on our team! Great job, Sophie!!

LXC Players Slated to Play at the 2018 National Tournament

Our High School Laxachussetts players represented the club well at the annual MA/RI Regional Team Tryouts!  Members selected by coaches will play in the National Tournament on May 26-27 at Stonybrook University in Long Island, NY.  The tournament is played in the midst of the NCAA Division I National Tournament Final Four Competitions! This is such an exciting opportunity for our players, and we were happy to see so many familiar faces at the tryout!

Team 1:

Julia Barry (2019)

Meghan Curran (2019)

Abigail Godwin (2020)

Audra Tosone (2019)

Team 2:

Emily English-GK (2021)

Sadie Estey (2019)

Lily Trainor (2019)

Team 3:

Elizabeth Kirk (2021)

Sara Addeche-GK (2020)

Caroline Klim (2019)

Haley O’Connor (2019)

Kailey O’Neil (2019)

Team 4:

Abigail Downer (2019)

Meghan Keenan (2019)

Jenna Peccia -GK (2020)

Victoria Tormey (2019)

Feature Friday: Jen FOX

This week’s Feature Friday is featuring the one and only, JEN FOX! Jen is a Braintree native (go WAMPS!) who played at Merrimack College (Go Warriors!) and is a phenomenal coach. Currently coaching at Roger Williams University (Go Hawks!), Jen was recognized for her greatness and was named Coach of the year! Way to go, JFox. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our LXC FAM!

Name: Jen Fox

Hometown: Braintree, MA

School: Braintree High Schoool

Total years with Laxachusetts: 4+

Favorite position: I played defense in college but have really grown to love the midfield position! You get to do it all: shoot, assist, ride, make big stops on defense, and battle on the draw circle! Not to mention, midfielders are usually the fastest and grittiest kids on a team!

Where did you play in college? Merrimack College

If you could eat 1 thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Salmon

What is your favorite subject in school? In college I loved all my marketing and advertising classes

Do you have any pre-game rituals? I have 2 game-day playlists I must listen to! On my drives into work on game days, I must listen to one particular game-day playlist I created then in my office or bus ride (for away games) I need to listen to my 2nd favorite game-day playlist! It’s all about the pump up music- even for coaches!!

Who is one person that you look up to? Why? Tough to pick just one… but if I had to pick, I’d have to say my very first college coach at Merrimack, Katie Lambert-Conover. “Lambert”, as we call her, was my first real strong female role model. Lambert pushed my teammates and I to be better in every aspect of the game and even though she gave us tough-love at times, I truly believe she taught us life-long lessons and skills that I now continue pass on to my players. Lambert also never gave up on me which she very well could have. I honestly believe that if she didn’t push me to be better both on and off the lacrosse field, I wouldn’t have had such an amazing experience in college which I truly believe led me to falling deeper in love with the game of lacrosse and ultimately leading me down my coaching career path. Lambert currently coaches at Stonehill College now and not only kicks butt there as a coach but also kicks some serious butt as a mom and wife as well. She, along with so many other coaching moms (Tracey Sullivan, Acacia Walker) continue to kick butt and impress me with juggling both lacrosse and family life while making it all look so easy!! I want to be them when I grow up!! #futuremomgoals

Besides lacrosse, what do you like to do in your free time? I love the ocean so spending quality time with family and friends especially by the ocean is a must! I’m a BIG Newport, RI fan so spending time there is always a must when I have free time!

What is your favorite stick trick? Love me some TWIZZLER shots!

Do you have any hidden talents? Not many people know this but I was a competitive dancer for 12 years.

If you were an animal, what would you be? A HAWK! GO RWU!!

Where do you coach? What is most special about that place? I coach at Roger Williams University in beautiful Bristol, RI. I’d have to say the location and the people make this place super special and one of a kind! Our campus is literally steps from the ocean and there’s a great sense of community here! Feels like home to me!

What is your favorite LAX memory? Up until today, I’d have to say winning the CCC conference championship last year and then experiencing the first round of the NCAA DIII tournament! It was truly one of the best experiences of my entire life!

Feature Friday : Aubrey McMahon

Check out this week’s #FeatureFriday featuring the one and only Aubrey McMahon, native of South Weymouth, MA.  If you have ever seen Aubrey play, you could compare her speed to her favorite animal! ….Check out her feature! Great work Aubrey, we are proud to have you as a part of our LXC fam!!
Name: Aubrey McMahon

Age: 11

Hometown: South Weymouth

School: Abigail Adams Middle School

Total Years with LXC: 1 Year

Favorite Position: Midfield

If you could eat 1 thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mashed potatoes! (YUM!!)

What is your favorite subject in school? Math

Do you have any pregame rituals? Listening to my dad’s playlists

Who is one person that you look up to? Why? I have two people, I look up to my Dad and Mom because they are there for me and do as much as they can to help our family.

Besides lacrosse, what do you like to do in your free time? I like to hang our with my younger brothers who are twins.

What is your favorite stick trick? The motorcycle!

Do you have any hidden talents? I can do a good back flip off of my tube into the water!

If you were an animal, what would you be? A CHEETAH

What is your favorite part of Lacrosse? I like the speed of the game, you can never take a  break when you are on the field.

Where are they Wednesday: McKenzie Gallasso!


One of our 2017’s, McKenzie Gallasso, is starting strong at New England College!   McKenzie is one of our former goalies at LXC, from South Windsor, CT. McKenzie is a Kinesiology major at NEC, and tearing up the lacrosse field as a Freshman! We are so impressed by the season she is having this year that we wanted to update our LXC players and families on how things are going!

Last week the NEC Pilgrims went 3-0, adding to a 6-game winning streak. The Pilgrims are now 7-2 on the season, and McKenzie had her first collegiate shut out with 10 saves in a conference game!!  If that wasn’t enough, McKenzie went on to have 15 saves in a 18-17 overtime win against Gordon College, a team they haven’t beaten since 2010. With her all star performance, McKenzie earned defensive player and rookie of the week for the NAC Conference weekly honors!!!!!

We are so proud of our LXC players representing Laxachusetts at the college level!  Keep up the good work, McKenzie! We will be following you at New England college!

#Dreambig #LXC #classof2017

Financial Aid Workshop Announced!

 On April 8, Laxachusetts and College Funding Services (CFS) have partnered to host an educational workshop,  centered around college financial planning. During this event, we will discuss various Scholarship/Financial Aid strategies for your family.

 If you’re not 100% certain your child is receiving a full athletic scholarship, we strongly encourage you to attend this workshop hosted by experts in the college financial aid and athletic scholarship field. This is suitable for high school families of all ages.

Here’s a look at some of the topics we will cover:

  • How to determine if your family will qualify for financial aid.

  • What should you do if you don’t qualify for financial aid.

  • How to successfully negotiate your financial aid package.

  • How scholarships and financial aid overlap: what you need to know.

  • Understanding the timeline and requirements of the financial aid process.

  • …and more!!


Date: Sunday, April 8

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Marriot Residence Inn, 180 Forbes Road, Braintree, MA 02184

Seats are limited! To register click here:
your spot