President’s Cup Weekend RECAP

This past weekend our travels took our high school program to West Palm Beach, Florida to compete in President’s Cup! A little warmer than last weekend’s stop in Longmeadow! Our teams all did a phenomenal job working through each play as a team. In a showcase setting, it is all about making the play. Yes, it is great to have an awesome assist on a goal, to cause a turn over midfield and bring the ball into your attacking end, have a great save as a keeper, but college coaches are also looking at what you do, as a player and as a team, after a mistake! All of our teams worked their absolute hearts out showing this, showing how to hustle back onto D, how to double team a dropped ball and how to win a draw after their opponent scored. Ladies, we are so proud of you!

And now, onto our Players of the Weekend!

2022 Green: Molly Stephens

Molly was everywhere this weekend. She came up with huge draw controls, handled the ball under constant pressure and finished a few key shots for us at the showcase. She is such a great presence in midfield and always works hard to redefend the ball. Great job, Molly!

2022 White : Campbell Johnston

Campbell was a consistent player every single game this showcase. Right from the start, she was riding hard in transition causing turnovers, hitting her teammates, cutting through the 8 meter and constantly had a positive attitude. Campbell is extremely coachable and worked hard to implement anything her coaches had to say. She had some key goals and assists to make it a successful weekend! Great work, Campbell!!

2021 Green: Kate Krueger

Kate really shined in the sunshine state this weekend! Her athleticism on the draw, in the midfield transition and in the attacking end really showed! We were lucky to even see an insane TWIZZLER goal from her!! Keep up the hard work, Kate! Great work!!

2021 White: Genny Littlejohn

Genny was an absolute FORCE on our attacking end this weekend. She was constantly creating options and opportunities for her teammates and scored a bunch of key goals. A total finisher! Great work this weekend, Genny! Way to leave it all out on the field!



Special Edition Feature Friday: Amel Vernon!

Check out this week’s Feature Friday featuring our own AMEL VERNON! Amel is a HARDWORKING, fast, quick and smart player. She makes every player who she plays with better! Amel had the opportunity to play for Puerto Rico in the Olympic Trial Games! Amel was the MVP of her game against Jamaica game and had four goals in the Olympic Trials game. Overall, Puerto Rico won silver! Check out what Amel has to say about her experience!

Name: Amel Vernon

Age: 17

Hometown: Newtonville, MA

School: Dexter Southfield

Total years with Laxachusetts: 5

Favorite position: Defense

Can you tell us about your experience playing in the Olympic Trial games? 

It was so much fun! It was definitely one of the best lacrosse experiences I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of. Not only was it amazing to be able to compete against teams from different countries, but it was also nice to have teammates of all different ages and lacrosse backgrounds. I also thought it was really cool to play with international rules which increased the pace and energy of the game. 

How did you get involved in the games?

My mom is Puerto Rican and lived there until she was 12 years old, which gave me the connection to Puerto Rico. One of my coaches, Natalie Bermudez, contacted my parents with the hopes of me being able to join the team for the tournament as she had seen me play earlier this year in one of the previous Puerto Rico U19 team tryouts. 

Where did you compete?

We competed at the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex in Auburndale, Florida from November 14th-17th. 

How did you train?

We met in Auburndale one day before the start of the tournament for a three-hour practice in order to get familiar with one another’s playing styles, the weather,  and our new sticks. We worked on game-like situations so we could improve our communication and created plays to implement in our games. After games, we had extensive stretching sessions along with pool recovery and ice baths to make sure our muscles were ready for the next day. 

What team did you play for?

I played for the 2019 Puerto Rico Lacrosse Women’s Senior Team.

Do you have any advice for girls who may be wanting to try playing for an international team?

If you’re interested in playing for an international team, you should definitely try to do it. Playing against and with people from different countries is a life-changing experience, and is a refreshing change from what you would usually be used to with your normal teams. It will also be a great opportunity for you to meet people from diverse areas and make new friends/bonds that will last a lifetime. 

What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject is definitely Journalism.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I like to listen to my playlist that gets me in the mood for a game while I stretch on my own. I usually try to eat a good breakfast that consists of eggs and some kind of fruit. 

Who is one person that you look up to? Why?

One person I look up to is my brother, even though he’s younger than me. He works really hard at everything he does, especially lacrosse, and it’s been nice to see him continuously improve. It’s convenient that he plays attack, so when I practice with him, he challenges me as a defender. Aside from that, he’s a great person and is always treating people with kindness and respect while doing the right thing. He not only motivates me to become a better lacrosse player but a better person as well. 

Besides lacrosse, what do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to bake and cook. I’m not the best at either of those, but they’re fun things that help me relax. My favorite thing to bake is funfetti cake and I love making mac and cheese.  I also love food and am always hungry, so it’s nice that I get to eat what I make in the end!

New England Showcase WEEKEND RECAP

This weekend our tournament circuit took our LXCFAM to western MA, where the temperatures were a little chilly, but our teams were on FIRE. Our YOUTH ladies absolutely crushed it this weekend, sweeping the tournament! All division championships were won by Laxachusetts teams, a program first! We are so proud of all of our youth girls! On Sunday, our players also crushed it, playing their hearts out and getting some great looks from college coaches!!

We have a SPECIAL shout out from this weekend…. COTW!!! Coach of the Weekend! Lizzie Hickey, Abbey Simone and Braylan Wentzel……these 3 amazing, inspiring coaches spent both days coaching up our players in Longmeadow! They are incredible and we are so thankful for them!


Team Shamrock 
POTW….how about TOTW?! Team of the weekend!! These girls were all willing to play everywhere and do everything they could for their team to be successful! Our sideline players were loud and proud and we really took excellent care of each other. It was an AWESOME team effort. GO, LXC SHAMROCK!!!

Emerald Meena Brosco

In spite of the frigid temps, Meena was exemplary this weekend! She tenaciously pursued every 50/50 ball, showed off her speed and strength all over the field, and did it all with a smile on her face. Great work, Meena!

2026 Green Niamh Lesnik

Naimh was a force on the draw circle this week, winning some key draws! On defense and in the ride, she played great buckle-down defense and was ready to crash whenever her teammates needed her. In the offensive end, she didn’t only look for good times to cut and get open herself but did a great job of cutting through to give her teammates space to drive as well. Way to go, Naimh!!

2024 Green Lila Deluca

Lila did an awesome job in the Longmeadow tournament this weekend! Around the 8m, Lila was always quick to slide, she communicated effectively to her teammates and she created numerous turnovers in the critical scoring area. Lila’s ability to clear the ball and transition over to our offense was effective and resulted in many fast-break goals. The 2024 Green Team went undefeated over the weekend and enjoyed being co-champs with the 2024 White team!

2024 Gold Giselle Uva

Giselle was put on midfield this weekend and absolutely dominated. She was very responsive to what we said on the sidelines and used those pointers throughout the games! Her hard work and hustle were very noticeable! Way to work, Giselle!

2023 White Brianne Slattery

On a cold 20 degree November day, team White chose to ignore the challenging elements of the Northeast and displayed constant energy and overwhelming enthusiasm from start to finish. It was a great team effort all around but Brianne was a presence on both ends of the field.  Her speed and determination to win races to the ball went unmatched.  Nice work Slatt’s!!!

2023 Gold Grace Martiny

Grace played so well this weekend! She hustled in the midfield, was a stand out off-ball player on attack and played great body D. Overall set the expectations of the other girls! Way to be a leader for our team this weekend, Grace! Special shout out to the 2023 Gold TEAM for going undefeated this weekend! WOOP!

2023 Green Anya Younie

Despite the frigid temperatures in Longmeadow, Anya was up to the task! Both goalies played great, but on this day it was Anya who repeatedly came up with big saves and terrific clearing passes. Heads up plays all day! Way to go, Anya!

2022 Gold Paige Murphy
Paige crushed the draw this weekend, consistently boxing out for the first step on her opponent. She pushed the pace of all three games of the day and helped us possess the ball when we needed it most. Way to go Paige!

2022 Green Lindsey Wilmot

Lindsey is always ready to play, and brings intense energy to every game.  She boxes out as if her life depends on it, she hustles back to our defensive end, and pushes the ball hard up to attack the net. Lindsey is tough, gritty, and always fired up. Nothing slows her down, not even a hard stick to the head (as we saw this weekend). Great work, Lindsey!!

2021 Green Izzy Pithie
The 2019 NE Showcase may have been the coldest showcase we’ve ever played in but the LXC 21 Green team felt nothing but THE HEAT because of Izzy Pithie!! Not only did Izzy get the team super hyped with her hot beats before each game but she also brought a great attitude and leadership qualities! Izzy was absolute FIRE in cage and made some crazy saves when we needed them the most! Thanks to Izzy’s energy and athleticism in cage, our team felt nothing but HEAT on the coldest day of lax!!!

2021 White Molly Weiand
Our team crushed it this weekend!! Molly was our stand out player. She was awesome all over the field! Molly was aggressive, played both sides of the ball hustling and focused! Molly scored roughly 15 goals throughout the day–fire! Amazing work, Molly!!

Weekend RECAP from LAX 4 THE CURE!

This weekend our High School teams traveled to New Egypt, NJ for the 2019 Lax for a Cure Tournament! It was so awesome to play against teams from all over the country!  Laxachusetts Girls went an astounding 12-0 on the weekend- a FIRST for LXC!!!  The girls competed hard, had fun and best of all- made each other look GREAT!

And now, on to our Players Of The Weekend!!!

2023: Cam Traveis
Cam was the BEST teammate competing on Saturday! She stepped up and played with the 22’s on Sunday to help contribute to both squads going undefeated (6-0!) Cam was outstanding in the midfield, winning draws and dominating in between the lines.  Way to go Cam!
2022: Elizabeth Gill and Molly Stephens
Elizabeth had an incredible weekend finishing in the 8m, getting open in transition and her insane pressure on the ride!  Elizabeth was the difference maker and truly was a huge presence behind the cage at X.  Molly Stephens was all over the field, winning the draw, stopping the 1v1, doubling hard on defense and taking it to the goal! Molly’s speed, height, and skill were seen all over the field.  Great work, Elizabeth and Molly!
2021: Mikaela Kitchen
Mikaela was a force in between the 30s this weekend, winning GBs, causing turnovers and using her speed to push the fast break in transition.  As a leader on defense, she was all over the opponents with her feisty interceptions and knock downs.  Mikaila was a difference-maker on the draw with her quick first step and possessions.  Keep up the hard work, Mikaela!!!

Fall Fear Weekend RECAP!!

          Another awesome weekend of lacrosse, how lucky are we! We are proud of how all of our teams represented our club this weekend! From hard work and effort on the field to being an impact player off of the field and supporting teammates when needed, we appreciate all of our players and how they brought their individual strength to the tournament!
            An important note……to ALL of our players! Bring a notebook to tournaments (hopefully, you have a LAXJOURNAL, if not, any notebook will do!) and on the way home, take a minute to reflect. Did a teammate show a certain skill that you were impressed with? Did she inspire you to work on your stick skills or speed? Did your coach make an impact statement during half time or after a game that really stuck with you? What were your team goals after each game? Are these skills you can work independently in order to improve?
             Every time you play, use it as an opportunity to GET BETTER! As athletes, we are always working on our conditioning, stick skills, team-first mentality. We can always be better!

And now, on to our Players Of The Weekend!!!

2029 Jungle : Colby Grace

Colby was enthusiastic on and off the field this whole weekend. She brought an awesome energy to the team that all of the girls thrived off of. It was so fun having Colby on our team this weekend! Great job, Colby!

2028/29 Emerald : Sydney Tighe
Sydney was phenomenal this weekend!  Her grit and hustle allowed her to win innumerable ground ball battles, cause several turnovers, and push the ball up the field. Great work, Sydney!

2028 Shamrock : Alex Curry and Nora Wien

The girls on Team Shamrock played better and better with each game pulling out an exciting 9-8 victory over the Bullets in their last game of the day! Our POTW is shared between Nora and Alex as they stepped up and played a goal when our goalie was injured prior to the tourney. There were other girls who also offered to play, which is a terrific “team first” attitude!!! In addition to playing goal, Alex and Nora were a big part of the team, playing multiple positions in each game! Overall great attitude by Shamrock!

2027 White : Annabel Gale
Annabel was a rockstar this weekend and was a key contributor in the midfield.  She really helped the team in transition both moving the ball down the field and slowing down other team’s fast-break opportunities.  Keep up the hard work, Annabel!

2027 Green : Defensive SQUAD

LXC green played very well this weekend as a whole, making it very hard to choose a single player! POTW this weekend was our defensive squad–Addison Block, Avery Swenson, Gabby Calva and Sara Callahan. With only 10 goals against in 5 games, they were the backbone to our success and playoff run. They all stepped up as leaders, crashing, talking and stopping the ball. Awesome work girls!!

2025 White : Caitlin White and Annabel Curry

The 2025 White team had exciting competitive lacrosse this weekend, winning a playoff game to make it to the championship! Backed by stellar goaltending in both, Caitlin White and Annabel Curry. LXC 2025 White went 3-1, securing a spot in the playoffs. LXC rallied after being down 2 goals to move into the final game. The girls worked as a team to cause key turnovers on defense and we found throughout the day that when we moved the ball up the field by passing, we created many scoring opportunities. Great overall team effort!

2026 WhiteBridget Donovan

Bridget did a great job in net this past weekend! She kept us in the games and made a bunch of great and crucial saves.  She was able to clear the ball up all the way to our attackers with ease and did a great job of motivating the entire team. Great job, Bridget!

2026 BlackEliza Brooks

Eliza had an awesome day in goal for us!  She made a ton of big saves and held all opponents to single digits!  She was a great communicator to our defense and was a crucial reason as to why we advanced to the semi-finals!  After finishing a great day with our team she went and played awesome for 2026 Green as well!  Great job, Eliza!!

2026 Green : Mary Murray

Mary played hard all day in the midfield and defense, wherever she was needed. She got a bloody nose after a stick hit her face, and just got right back on the field scrapping away for the ball! Mary does a great job of putting pressure on the ball on defense and in transition, and attacking the net on the offensive end. Way to go Mary!

2025 Green: Athena Farren

2025 Green made it to the semi’s on the back of a strong defensive performance collectively from our high and low defenders.  We were averaging 2.5 goals per game after the first 2 battles which is simply amazing.  Athena Farren was all over the field this weekend making committed slides followed by great communication.  She was the anchor of a very stout defense today. Nice work, Athena!!

2024 WhiteWillow Cyr

Willow contributed to the success of our draw controls, which gave our team a big advantage in every game. She also had many important ground balls and caused turnovers, as well as a few well-placed goals. However, what really made Willow stand out this weekend was the Braveheart she was in during our semi-final game. She won the draw control and started her drive to the cage, but had the patience to pull back out instead of forcing a low angle shot. Willow buried her shot on the re-attack and sent our team to the finals!

2024 Green: Maisie Wood

 Maisie was fearless all over the field.  She was a defender, an attacker and a midfielder in almost every game we played.  We were able to count on Maisie on the draw circle to come up with the 50-50 balls, she was crucial in transition bringing the ball from the defensive end to our attacking zone, and she was aggressive and a threat in the 8M.  Maisie was a true team player, willing to go anywhere we needed her on the field and no matter where she was, she stood out as a force to be reckoned with.  Thanks to Maisie’s contribution to the 2024 Green team, we were undefeated on the day!


Laxachusetts Legacy Tournament RECAP

This weekend we had the AWESOME opportunity to run our first outdoor tournament! We are so proud of all 18 of our teams who competed! As coaches, we are always excited to see who is taking our drills from practice, tips from half time and who is making the hustle play in each game. It is always so exciting to see who steps up to be a leader on the field, and off of the field for each unique team.

A special shoutout to the 2023 Green, 2024 Green and 2026 Green teams who all won their divisions!

And now, on to the PLAYERS OF THE WEEKEND!

2028/2029 Shamrock : Margot Curry and Alex Curry
These two were ALL-IN, ALL DAY! This team made an outstanding 3-0 run to the Championship game TOGETHER! Margot and Alex anchored the offense and defense. Their heart and hustle was infectious! Thanks for bringing your game and energy, Alex and Margot!
2028/2029 Emerald : Hudson Fornes
Hudson played her heart out this weekend. Her constant hustle and positive attitude were exceptional! Hudson’s caused turnovers and transition game was unmatched and helped buoy our team to a 2-1 record.  Great work, Hudson!
2027 Green :  Nora McLean 
Nora did a phenomenal job this weekend all over the field. She played lockdown defense and did a great job on the draw. In our second game, Nora made two game-changing plays that allowed us to start the second half of the game with two extra goals and a heightened momentum. Nora is truly a team player!
2026/2027 Black: Thea Migliaccio
Thea was a defensive anchor for LXC Black. She mastered the crash and really prevented some goals with her quick slides to the ball. Way to go, Thea!
2026 Green: Ellie Amato and Eliza Brooks! 
Ellie was a huge difference-maker for us as our draw control machine! She worked hard with her teammates on the draw to make sure that we could win the draw and rule the world (tournament)! She is a force to be reckoned with in her ride and a dynamic player on the attack, using her great stick skills to head to the net and look for opportunities for assists. Keep it up, Ellie!
Eliza was lights out in net this week and continues to keep us in the game on defense. She had two shutouts this past weekend, coming up with huge steps and big saves when we needed it most! Eliza has a great clear and simply never stops having her head in the game!
2026 White: Anna Fletcher
Anna did a great job all over the field this weekend. She was quick to re-defend which caused a lot of turnovers. She had some great shots and moved the ball well to help us go 3-0 for the weekend.  Great job Anna!
2025 Green: Schuyler Cerow 
Schuyler was an all-around threat this weekend! Her ability to run the midfield helped LXC set the pace in some of our most competitive games. What set Schuyler apart was her constant communication and slides on D! Keep up the good work, Schuyler!
2025 White : Emily Rowley
Emily was instrumental in our success this past weekend, playing the majority of the time in the midfield. Her work around the draw the circle led to many fast break opportunities. Emily re-defended consistently and came up with a number of groundballs off of turnovers. Great job, Emily!
2024 Black : Charlotte Guziejka
Charlotte was so focused and dialed in this weekend. Off the field: she impressed me every time we met during half times, pre-games to discuss strategy, and post-games to debrief. She was always focused, ready, and DIALED IN. On the field: I had refs give me compliments about how well Charlotte was playing. She made some killer saves, was a LEADER on the clear, was consistently communicating on during settled defense and during clears. Not to mention she took 2 hard shots to the body and Lax + got the ball back both times and she never faltered or gave up, SHE IS TOUGH. Charlotte is destined for greatness.
2024 Green : Megan Doyle
Megan was a key component to our lockdown defense. Megan came up with many big caused turnovers and sparked our attack multiple times by carrying the ball into the attacking end to increase our tempo. Great job, Megan!!
2024 White : Lily Samoska
Lily was great during our 3 games and kept us in a close match with Mass Elite, which we only lost to by 1!  She made some great saves and had awesome long clears setting up our attack for a fast break.  She stayed composed when we were in a tight match and QB-ed our defense.  Way to go, Lily!
2023 Green : Syd Cogliano
The 2023 Green team continued their winning ways this Fall by having themselves a  “t-shirt day” this past Saturday at Legacy! You do not win a Championship without a whole team effort, but the defense and Syd Cogliano kept us in every game! The defensive unit continues to improve with every tourney as they are starting to realize their tremendous potential. The whole team truly played exceptionally well! But it was our goalies who really shined, Syd and Sophie Brandt had a combined GAA of 4.25 for the 4 games against some very solid competition!!! It was the Finals where Syd earned the POTW stopping MANY point-blank shots when we struggled to get it out of our end. Overall, great effort by all of the girls, they are such great teammates and so fun to watch! On to Longmeadow!!

2023 White : Charlotte Spaulding

Charlotte was all over the field, aggressive, hustled, scored, played D. You name it!!! She really stepped up this weekend and left it all on the field. Way to be, Charlotte!
2021 : Marjorie Tobin
Marj crushed it this weekend! She was always hustling in the midfield and her fitness definitely showed. She never ever looked tired, always pushing the transition and stepping up huge when we needed some goals. Her work ethic and patience on attack was what we needed to make it to the finals. Unfortunately, we lost in the championship, but her individual effort was not unnoticed! Unreal job, Marjorie!
2020 : Taryn Asselin
Taryn is new to the LXC team this year but proved herself to be a valuable teammate at this tournament. She is smart with the ball, has great stick work and was willing to play any position on the field. Great work, Taryn!

Live Love Lax (MD) and Heart and Hustle (Taunton) Weekend RECAP!

This weekend our girls participated in two tournaments. Our youth participated, and dominated, at the Heart and Hustle Tournament in Taunton. We had THREE teams win their championship games, shout out to LXC Marines, 2027/2028 Green and LXC Army!!! At Live Love Lax, our High School girls had the opportunity to show their skills against top teams in the country. In this showcase style tournament, all of our teams were faced with challenges all over the field and worked hard to win each mini battle. A special shout out to 22 Green team for working HARD this tournament and finishing undefeated!! We are so proud of all of our girls who competed this weekend.

After playing in these tournaments, it is important that our players recognize the importance of playing as a TEAM, leaving all of their energy on the field and how stick skills and conditioning can make a difference in each team’s success.

And now, on to the PLAYERS OF THE WEEKEND!

Youth : Heart and Hustle


2027 Shamrock : Allison Linscott Allison, consistently CRUSHED the draw! Allison’s smooth stick work and hustle on the draw allowed her to win the draw and start the Shamrock possession! Keep up the great work, Allison!

2023 Jungle : Caitlin Walsh Caitlin dominated for Jungle this Sunday! Caitlin stepped up into the midfield winning a ton of draws and turning them in goals on the offensive end. Defensively, Caitlin had great turnovers and was always crashing to help her teammates. Great work, Caitlin!!

2025 Army : The Whole team! * CHAMPIONS * Winning this weekend was a team effort so, ARMY is the team of the weekend. It started with our D, that played as unit, sliding when they should and doubling like crazy…to our goalies, making amazing saves and beautiful clears…to our midfield, using the whole field in transition, controlling the draws and defending when needed… to our attack, knowing when the fast break was over, playing big and putting the ball in the back of the net!! Everyone did their job when it needed to be done making the weekend a success. I’m so proud of this team and can’t wait to see how they build the rest of the summer. Way to, Army!!!

Blue : Halle Crawford and Mary Collins These defenders two stood out this weekend because of their consistency. They both truly played with heart the whole day. Mary was solid and controlled with her 1v1 defense and was always there to help and crash. She was also so confident transitioning the ball out of the defense after her many ground balls. Halle was solid defensively as well, but also stood out because she played every position for us and was such an animal with any 50:50 ball. These two truly exemplified what hard work should look like on the lacrosse field and played a huge roll in the success of the team defensively this weekend.

2027/2028 White : Grayson Downer (2027): Grayson was ALL over the field this weekend for LXC White! Her speed through the midfield, ground balls and ability to dodge, shoot and score made her a go-to player on our team!  A wonderful teammate always playing with a huge smile on her face- way to go, GRAYSON!!!!

High School : Live Love Lax

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 7.00.30 AM.png

2023 Jungle : D-Unit The 2023 PlayerS of the weekend go to the entire defensive unit comprised of Ashley Suppa, Anys Younie, Coco Hauck, Cam Hamilton, Dotti Ghislandi, Cailin Morrissey and Dylan Rappoli. Our D Unit came up big with interceptions, 1v1 D and awesome defensive slides. Their communication with the midfield was much improved from other tournaments and we are excited to see what they bring to the tournament style play at Top Flight. Defense wins championships!!

2024 Blue : Maisie Wood! Maisie made her presence known all over the field playing attack, midfield and defense for us.  She scored big goals when we needed them, and was exceptional on the ride. Maisie was consistent the whole tournament and a great teammate bringing her positive energy! Great work, Maisie!

2022 Black : Claire Moniz  Claire was an key player in our team’s 3-1 success this weekend. As an attacker, Claire set up her teammates up for success, she made a huge impact in our defensive ride and had multiple caused turnovers. She also had a nose to cage and made each of her shots count!

2022 Green : Brooke McCloy Brookie did an incredible job this weekend and was an absolute force all over the field. Brooke was fearless on the draw circle, winning 10 draw controls and boxing out for teammates to win the draw. She scored 10 goals all against goalies from top teams in the country, including one absolutely SICK behind the back goal. Brooke’s support and speed in transition could not be matched by our opponents. Her vision of the field, high lax IQ and “team first” mentality made her an asset to our team’s 4-0 success this weekend.

2022 Green & Black : Katie Geis Katie did a phenomenal job this weekend playing in net for both Green and Black. She was fearless when stepping to every shot while playing against top clubs in the country. Her leadership in net was incredible. In her 8 games played, Katie saw 95 shots, making 52 saves for a .547 save percentage. Katie took risks outside of the net, was a  crucial part of our transition and acted as our 2022 quarterback all weekend. AWESOME work, Katie. We are SO proud of you!

2021 Green: Lexi Schwartz Lexi brought her hard work and energy all the way to the end of the tournament (literally the last game). She turns the corner with speed, is the first attacker to flash in transition, and consistently attacks the net and finishes her shots. Awesome job, Lex!!!

2021 Black : Ashley Greene Ashley played defense like a brick wall this weekend! She had so many solid stops and caused turnovers in transition! She was the anchor of the defense and was always giving 100%. Amazing job, Ashley!!!