LXC Players Slated to Play at the 2018 National Tournament

Our High School Laxachussetts players represented the club well at the annual MA/RI Regional Team Tryouts!  Members selected by coaches will play in the National Tournament on May 26-27 at Stonybrook University in Long Island, NY.  The tournament is played in the midst of the NCAA Division I National Tournament Final Four Competitions! This is such an exciting opportunity for our players, and we were happy to see so many familiar faces at the tryout!

Team 1:

Julia Barry (2019)

Meghan Curran (2019)

Abigail Godwin (2020)

Audra Tosone (2019)

Team 2:

Emily English-GK (2021)

Sadie Estey (2019)

Lily Trainor (2019)

Team 3:

Elizabeth Kirk (2021)

Sara Addeche-GK (2020)

Caroline Klim (2019)

Haley O’Connor (2019)

Kailey O’Neil (2019)

Team 4:

Abigail Downer (2019)

Meghan Keenan (2019)

Jenna Peccia -GK (2020)

Victoria Tormey (2019)

Beantown Battle!!

What a fun Sunday for our Youth and High School teams competing in the 4 v 4 “Beantown Battle” at the new Union Point Sports Complex! Our teams played small sided half field games all day, a great opportunity to work on our spacing, teamwork, and stick work in tight spaces.  These games highlighted stick work, shooting form and the agility of our players! We are so glad we had so many teams come out to play, and the coaching staff was impressed by how much each player and team improved as the day went on.  Shout out to our GOALIES for fielding tons of shots, and switching back and fourth with the opposing team – you rocked!

And now onto our Players of the Weekend!!!

2023 Patriots: Tye Snowden and Paige Curran! The whole 2023 Patriots team played awesome today making it to the semi finals against a predominantly 8th grade bracket! In addition to solid two way play, Paige led the team in scoring, with 3 of her goals coming in the win in the Quarter Finals. Tye played well on both sides of the ball and singlehandedly brought the Patriots our third win by beating a Mass Elite player in a Brave Heart!

2023 Bruins: Sally Hunter! Sally added so much to our defense with her relentless effort and field sense. She quickly recognized when she should slide, always locked on the double team, and had her stick in the passing lane when she realized that she had 2 players. Her constant pressure caused turnovers, forced bad passes, and flustered our opponents. Although she may be little she be fierce!!

2023 Red Sox: Kaitlin Watts! Kaitlin played very well this weekend. She lead the offense with strong drives to the net. She scored on nearly every shot after throwing a Great fake. She caused multiple turnovers with her intensity and aggressive play on defense. She was an all around player and leader this weekend! Awesome job Kaitlin!!
2022 Shamrock: Maddie Miller!  Maddy consistently worked hard throughout the day. She never took a play off, and because of this, she caused turnovers on defense, and made standout plays on the offensive end!  Maddie made a significant impact in the small sided 4v4 setting! Great work Maddie!

2022 Hunter: Casey Mitchell!  Casey was a leader on the field, getting herself open on the crease, as well as sharing the ball with her teammates.  She was always re-defending, looking for the open player, and sliding quickly.  Casey also shined on ground ball possessions, boxing out her opposition and beating them to the ball ball. As always, Casey was coachable, listening to feedback and making changes.  Casey’s smile and enthusiasm is contagious and she helped contribute to our teams overall energy and success!

2022 Army: Stella MacLellan!  Stella worked extremely hard during each game. She made smart decisions with the ball on offense and was not scared to drive hard to goal! She matched up quickly on defense and communicated very well. Stella also helped our team win 3 games by winning THREE brave hearts! She won the draw for each brave heart and did not back down, even when she turned the ball over during the last one. She battled it out and came out on top!

2022 Emerald: Eva Chouinard! Eva was on fire at the Beantown Battle! Her offense, defense and shooting were amazing.  She played aggressively, with confidence and made good decisions all over the field. Her off ball movement was strategic, setting picks for her teammates to drive and shoot. Eva also worked on drawing the double team and moving the ball to the open player. She was key in our 5-1 record (we lost in a brave heart on a questionable call, but whose keeping track?!) that put us in the playoffs. Nice work Eva!

2022 Lime: Meaghan Sheehan! Meaghan was a consistent hard worker and to end, playing great defense and always ready to pick up the ground balls. She is a smart player, always looking for opportunities to set up a teammate for a good opportunity. She never let up!

2021 White: Elizabeth Driscoll ! Elizabeth was huge in net this weekend.  She made great stops, good clears, and improved as the day went on. So glad we had her as an anchor in net during the Beantown Battle! Great work, Elizabeth!

2021 Pink: Paige Rocha!  Paige played great in net and was a key player on defense.  She was very vocal and she had some key saves that definitely helped us make it to playoffs.  She was also playing multiple games in a row due to having to play for other teams but was always ready for our games.

2021 Yellow: Nora Lema! Nora was a force on our team this weekend. Her strong and precise stick skills were crucial to our successes this weekend. Nora played strong and intense defense throughout the tournament and really stepped up to be a leader on the field when we needed her. Great job, Nora!

2021 Purple: Sophie Shuman! Sophie gave all out effort every time she stepped on the field. She also was super eager to get better, consistently asking for feedback and where she could improve. Keep up the hard work Soph!

2020 Orange: Caroline Linscott! She did all the things we emphasize in practice! She battled for ground balls using her body to box out players from other teams. She doubled the ball and forced turnovers on defense.  On offense she was setting picks and doing X cuts! She also got a couple goals by great cuts on the crease and “draw and dumps”. Couldn’t ask for more as a coach!

2020 Red: Mattea Del Peschio! Mattea was all over the field on Sunday! She put pressure on the ball, slid to the double teams, drove to the cage, and helped her teammates balance the field. She was versatile, and gave it 150% every time she stepped on the field.  Mattea has a drive to compete, and does a great job of bringing up the energy for her entire team. Great work Mattea!

LXC Black: Sara Addeche! Sara came out so strong from the start of the tournament this weekend and never skipped a beat! She had solid shooters coming at her all day and really stepped up to make some unbelievable saves! She made it look east! Her team really fed off of her energy with every big stop! Way to go, Sara!

LXC Violet: Olivia Kerrigan!  What a performance! Olivia’s quick hands kept our team in competition with many of our opponents. With such fast pace games, Liv gave our team second chance opportunities on many occasions with her big time saves. Additionally, smart decision making on the clear allowed us to possess and score!

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.45.11 PM




All Elite Tournament Wrap up!

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to attend our first winter tournament in Plymouth, The All Elite Tournament! This 7v7 tournament forced our girls to think outside of the box with quick transitions, fast break, slow break and big defensive plays. As a club, we were ready for the challenge, and had 2 teams win their division! Way to go Hunter and Celtic!! We are so proud of how all of our girls played!!!!

  A message from ALL coaches…

HIT THE WALL! Across all age groups, we need to clean up our stick skills. We have put a lot of time in during practices to work on our stick work, but it is SO IMPORTANT that you do your part outside of practice so we can move on to new concepts! During practices we will be starting stick work competitions. You will be competing against different locations to see what location can finish their stick work first….that means that YOU need to do your part by working on stick work outside of practice.

And now on the the Players of the Weekend…..

HunterTess DeSantis and Millie Gartland!  Tess and Millie were the back bone of our defense this weekend. Tess had phenomenal foot work, speed, and caused multiple turnovers during our games. Coming in with an awesome attitude that she would play “anywhere”, Tess showed determination and hard work all over the field. Millie did a phenomenal job in net this weekend. Her point blank saves, clears under pressure , and caused turnovers were a crucial part to our championship win. Great job Tess and Millie!!

LimeEsme Coes!  Esme stepped up huge for us this tournament. She was the first to communicate in the midfield and was extremely smart about being offsides and holding for her teammates, which is key in a 7v7 tournament. She was great on defense, coming up with caused turnovers, especially by jumping into the double teams. On offense, she made smart cuts, and was a great target inside, giving us opportunities to feed and score.  Esme did all the little things at every position on the field. Great job Esme!!!

BlueBella Juliano and Paige Curran!  Both girls played amazing in our games on Monday. They had lots of goals and assists for our team and played strong in the midfield. Our team was 3-0-1 for the day and both Bella and Paige were integral pieces to our success. The girls fought hard all day against some tough competition!

Pink: Meghan Lawson!  Super shout out to Meghan Lawson who earned player of the week recognition from the pink squad.  Meghan’s energy and hustle went above and beyond expectations on and off the field. Great Work Meghan!!

Red: Emma Davis!  Emma was aggressive all over the field! She settled the ball on offense, drew the double team, and quickly dumped the ball to the open player. She also came up with some key ground balls in the defensive end which resulted in goals for the team. Nice job, Emma!

OrangeCasey Mitchell!  Casey competed hard in every game and was always open to coaching. She’s a tremendous 1v1 defender and generated so many turnovers by reading the pass, to intercept the ball.  She did an excellent job in transition, dodging and moving the ball up the field. Great job, Casey!

Yellow: Julia Fortier!  Julia showed tremendous leadership and never gave up! Despite defensive breakdown at times, Julia continued to make HUGE saves! Her communication throughout the game was fantastic, and she was rock solid all day. Way to go, Julia!

Celtics: Mia Peterson!  Mia had great defensive slides and was crucial in transition.  She played team defense the entire tournament! Mia was constantly communicating to her teammates, sliding to help and being one of the most aggressive players on the field. Defense wins championships and we did!

Bruins: Genevieve Littlejohn!  Genevieve hustled very hard throughout the entire day.  She also showed great leadership, bringing the team together pre and post-game.  She always kept it positive and supported her teammates. Great job, Genevieve!

Shamrock: Macy Antonopoulos! Macy was a tenacious defender this past weekend.  Her aggressive play was noticed all over the field.  She was great 1v1, and had great defensive slides, and crashing.  Macy was a true leader on defense! Great work Macy!

Emerald: Elizabeth Blake!  Elizabeth played extremely well and understands the game very well.  She was crucial in helping to move the ball up the field, and was able to get a lot of shots on net to help us stay in the game!  Elizabeth was also willing to help out and play defense, and was very quick to recover from the midfield!


The Magical World of Disney!

What an amazing weekend we had with our High School LXC teams down in Disney World!!! Our 2019’s, 2020’s and 2021’s traveled south for the weekend to the Presidents Cup and Debut Tournament in sunny Orlando, Florida!  Our teams were competitive in the midfield, attacked the net on offense, pressured the ball on defense, and worked as a unit all over the field for an exciting fall season wrap up.  Our girls were so excited to play in some warm weather, and brought great energy to each and every game played.  We faced a variety of teams, and no matter what the outcome, every single person on the field got a little bit better this weekend, and everyone came together as a unit. The coaching staff is proud of our girls for showing other clubs what Laxachusetts is made of… grit, tenacity, and teamwork!

Now for our POTW (players of the weekend)…

2019 Black: Clarissa Hurley! Clarissa was a huge presence on both ends of the field this weekend. She made huge hustle plays, especially key the draw and in midfield transition.  She is scrappy and explosive on the draw, and puts tons of pressure on the ball in the midfield .  Way to go hard this weekend Rissa!

2019 Green: Elizabeth Hennessey! Elizabeth is an incredibly smart player off ball, boxing out on the draw, cutting to create space on attack, and sliding to cover her teammates defensively.  She takes time to see the field, and make smart unselfish plays that open up opportunities for her team.  This weekend, Elizabeth’s attention to detail on the draw made her stand out as our POTW, boxing out, and coming up with huge draw controls when we needed it most. Way to get after it “Henny”!

2020 Black: Hadley Bosworth! Hadley played lights out this weekend in every single game. She had an amazing presence on the field and used her voice to keep the defensive intensity going. With her diving saves, communication and interceptions, she is a huge part of what made our team so successful this weekend. Hadley showed such heart and hustle even playing through her injury. Amazing job Hadley, keep up the great work!

2020 Green: Amel Vernon! Amel was on fire this weekend, pressuring the ball, sliding to cover her teammates, and safely transitioning the ball to our offensive end.  Amel is a smart and selfless defender who is always sliding to back her teammates up, and shutting down key attackers on the opposing team.  Excellent work, Amel!

2021: Ashley Wong! Ashley worked incredibly hard this weekend all over the field. Playing in the midfield, she left everything that she had on the field. Ashley hustled to every 50-50 ball, played aggressively, crashed hard on defense and shot with a purpose. Ashley’s positive attitude and heart were shown this weekend. She did her job this weekend! Amazing job this weekend, Ashley!!

Now that have our Vitamin D fix and our roller coaster high, we are ready to focus our off season efforts on Sunday team practice, and weekday shooting nights!!! Check out our website for the closest location to you!  #LXC #Dreambig



High School New England Showcase


Sunday, November 7, 2017

Over the weekend, 9 of our High School teams traveled to Longmeadow, MA for the New England Showcase.  Our ladies showed up to play putting on a show with tons of shots in the back of the net, and high pressure defensively! The coaches were impressed with the teamwork and selfless play that was observed, and the relentless hustle that our players showed all over the field.

And now, for the Players of the Weekend…

Abby Mitchell 2021 Black : Abby was a driving force in her squad’s overall success this weekend. They played strong as a unit, communicating, driving to net, being aggressive and playing with their heart. Abby was a crucial part in the defensive success of the team this weekend. She caused many turnovers in the game and was confident in transition. Great work, Abby!

Lily Derosier 2020 Gold : Lily played lights out in both of the team’s wins. At times it seemed like Lily couldn’t be beat, as she repeatedly made incredible saves in all four corners of the net. Her quick hands and steps kept 2020 gold on top in their final two games of the day.
Mary Butler 2020 Black : Mary stepped up huge on defense for us this weekend! She fully bought in to our goal of high pressure defense all over the field and caused many turnovers. She was always one step ahead of her opponent whether it was intercepting a pass, beating other girls to ground balls, or jumping into double teams and working together with her teammates. Awesome job!!
Abbigail Hassman 2020 Green : Abby is the definition of a selfless middie, always working off ball, getting wide in transition, backing up her teammates, and running up and down the field tirelessly!  She is smart, athletic, and extremely coachable, making changes on the spot to better her play and help her teammates and better her game.  She boxes out on the draw, and isn’t afraid to pressure the ball on defense, the midfield, and on our ride.  Great work Abby!
Katie Amorosino 2019 Black : Katie really stepped it up for us throughout the entire day! Her scrappiness and level of grit were both obvious especially in the midfield! Katie was also very impressive while under pressure. Katie showed a lot of heart and hustle and for that she was a stand out player of the weekend !
Vic Tormey 2019 Green : Vic was a great teammate to have on the field this weekend, she worked hard and stepped up to play midfield all day. As a natural defender, Vic showed her leadership skills Sunday and played where her team needed her most. Way to go, Vic!
Jane Early 2018 : This weekend, Jane was a presence all over the field. Winning draws, scoring goals and causing turnovers, Jane heightened the level of play in all of her games. Jane is an excellent leader on and off of the field. Keep up the awesome work, Jane!
And a SPECIAL Congratulations to our 2018 team….This group of girls has truly raised the bar for our program. In their last LXC tournament, these ladies went 3-0. They did not slow down for a minute, but played with the same fire, grace and hustle they constantly show on the field. WONDERFUL job ladies, we are so proud of all of you!!!

LXC Spooks Away Opponents at the 2017 Fall Fear!!!

Laxers Beware!!!!

LXC was out to scare their opponents off on Halloween Weekend at Fort Devens!! Making other teams run in horror, and shudder in fear, Laxachussetts played with grit, hustle, and heart across all age groups, winning 3 out of 6 divisions!!!!

LXC Teal won the HORROR division, LXC Army won the SHOCK division, and our 3rd/4th grade LXC Green and LXC Black won the PETRIFY division!

In addition to our 3 tournament champions, we had playoff appearances by LXC White, LXC Blue, LXC Pine, LXC Jungle and LXC Forest! What a fantastic way to make a statement at the 2017 Fall Fear!

We are so proud of our youth players!!! Each and every player showed off their teamwork, talent, and love for the game of lacrosse this weekend by working hard on the draw controls, ground balls, the ride, aggressive defensive plays, and offensive play.

A few of our players stood out this weekend at the fall fear and earned PLAYER OF THE WEEKEND! Scroll down to see who the players of the weekend go to….

Players Of The Weekend:

3rd/4th LXC Green: Kate Kenney – Kate did a great job attacking the net and helping to keep us ahead. She worked hard and was a huge motivator for the rest of the team and you could see they looked to her as a leader. She also scored the game wining goal in playoff overtime to make LXC Green co-champs with the LXC Black!

3rd/4th LXC Black: Cecilia Evans & Caroline Pinto Cecilia’s was all the entire field throughout our long day, and still going strong in the championship!  She applied coaching direction to make small changes during the day, and her focus on good groundball technique came up huge for the black team!  She was a great example of team-focused play, doing a great job of finding her teammates in the midfield and on attack.  Caroline Pinto’s hustle and focus on the field stood out in every game. She pushed herself to be a part of every play and her effort was a huge part of the Black team’s success.  There wasn’t a time that Caroline didn’t come off the field breathing heavy and smiling! Her hard work was a was a source of energy for the whole team, and she applied coaches direction to her game throughout the day to make improvements, even working with teammates between games to do stick work!

5th LXC Neon: Mavis O’Neil- Mavis was a fearless player on the field this weekend. Playing for her team the whole weekend, Mavis came up with some HUGE ground balls, caused turnovers and hustled everywhere on the field. She was a huge part of our team success throughout the weekend and her attitude was fabulous!

6th LXC Hunter: Laney Larson & Elizabeth “Finchie” Sullivan – Laney was a driving force in the midfield from being aggressive on the draw circle to using her impressive stick skills to drive to net! She was the spark that our team needed to stay in the game or start a scoring drive. She hustles from end to end and is always looking for opportunities to help out her teammates. Finchie is consistently one of our defensive anchors. She is aggressive on 50/50 opportunities and uses her great stick skills to bring the ball up the field. She is a true defensive leader and team player with the discipline and work ethic to play with her feet and help her teammates through slides, doubles and crashes.

6th LXC Army: Aubrey McMahon – Aubrey only goes 110% when she’s on the field!  This mighty midi makes aggressive defensive plays, wins the draw, and comes flashing through the midfield at full speed on every single play! She helped lead her team to the Championship WIN by using her LAX IQ to move the ball, her quick feet to pressure the ball on defense, and her blinding speed to blast by opponents!

LXC Teal: Lydia Carr – Lydia was the backbone of our defense and gave 110% all day. She was very receptive to our coaching and became a leader on the field, especially in our championship game! Great work Lydia!

LXC Royal: Campbell Johnston –  Not only was she the first one to show up that day but had the best attitude all day! It was clear that Campbell loves the game of lacrosse and wanted to make her teammates look better, asked a lot of questions, and was super coachable! She really took our feedback and adjusted her play in each game! Overall great teammate and great attitude!

LXC Jungle: Julia Fortier – Julia was fearless in the net and instrumental in leading our defense against some tough opponents.  Julia also stepped in to cover for a few other LXC teams at the tournament and played 6 full games on Saturday without missing a beat and with a smile on her face.  Julia played outstanding in goal and her confidence as a goalie inspires and motivates her teammates.  Nice work Julia!

LXC Pine: Emily Johnson & Sally Hunter. Emily was one of the hardest workers on our team. She won countless draws to keep us in games and make us 2-0-1. She was confident going to cage and knew when to distribute the ball to capitalize on offensive possessions. She has great stick skills and is aggressive on 50/50 balls. Her speed and determination made her a game changer on the field. Sally was our best ground ball pick up player. Although small in size when she was on the draw circle she won EVERY ground ball that came near her. She was confident transitioning into attack and also had a strong, smart ride. Defensively she was aggressive, knew her slides and communicated well with her teammates.

LXC Emerald: Georgia Gund – Georgia played outstanding all weekend. She won many important draw controls for us and really took “win the draw, rule the world” to heart. Another skill we focused on was attacking ground balls and she came up with a lot of those important 50/50 possessions. She was a key player for us in our success this weekend and her positive attitude was contagious!

Way to GO LXC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LXC Crushes Competition at Fort Devens… 2024/25, 2020, 2019 and 2018 CHAMPIONS!

This weekend, our teams won FOUR out of SEVEN divisions at Fort Devens!! Sweeping the 2024-2025, 2020, 2019, and 2018 championships for an AMAZING showing at #thechill! Laxachusetts teams were also in the play offs for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 brackets, showing that LXC is competitive in all divisions of play.  This is an INCREDIBLE showing for our LXC teams and players!

Our ladies battled against other clubs from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Maine, New Jersey and Rhode Island. A major key to success this weekend for our club comes from Assumption head coach: Coach Abbey, “Our key to success was playing for each other, not individually.” Creating space for teammates on attack, backing each other on defense and supporting in midfield transition all creates opportunity for success. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!

We are proud of every single player that showed up to play this weekend and we were impressed with level of play and hard work in every single division.  There were a few stand out girls who showed grit, heart, hustle and their high lacrosse IQ. Selected by their coaches, these Players Of The Weekend played in true LXC fashion…

Check out our Players of the Weekend!!!

2018 : Kasey Molito and Allie Collins ……. Our two goal keepers for the 2018 team fought through every game of the day, only allowing 11 goals into the net over the course of 4 games. As the backbone of the 2018 team, both goalies played their hearts out. Their direct communication, aggressive play and positive attitudes rippled through the entire 2018 team. 

2019 Green : Sami Gorassi ……. Sami was consistent and creative all tournament. she is very dependable and extremely coachable, making on field adjustments on the fly.  Sami was a standout, impact player in all games on the run to winning the ‘Ship!

2019 Black: Meg Shay and Clarissa Hurley ……. Meg hustled the most throughout the midfield, coming up with big plays on defense as well as successfully pushing the ball through midfield transition. Clarissa, was the definition of the type of attack player we love. She checked back to her defenders, and re-defended hard all the way to the restraining line. Both players created opportunities for themselves and their teammates by capitalizing on big plays, and having great field vision to advance the play.

2020 Green : Sarah Addeche and Jenna Peccia ……… both our goalies were rock walls in the net on Sunday, especially in the championship game! Playing the Kobra Kai, Jenna and Sarah showed confidence and grit in their play. Coming off of a battle against 2020 Black, both goalies made huge saves, and led the defense to earn the win in their championship!

2020 Black : Tatum Galuski ……. Whether Tatum was needed on defense or winning the draw and leading the midfield, she stepped up and gave it her all.  Tatum always gives 110% and was so clutch on the draw controls which was key in helping us win close games. She worked well under pressure and didn’t let up at all in our semi final playoff game against LXC green. Tatum always goes full speed and works as hard as possible!

2020 Gold : Molly Theobald ……… Molly made a HUGE impact right away off the draw. She has a quick first step and fights hard for every 50/50 ball. Molly kept up her hustle and speed throughout the entire day and was very consistent. She pushed the fast break, resulting in numerous quick goals scored by the team.  Defensively, she was spatially aware and able to cause turnovers by creating opportunities to double the ball in the midfield.

2021 Green : Nora Lema ……. Nora left everything that she had on the field this weekend. As a low defender, Nora was an essential part of our successful transitions in the mid field, fought for every 50/50 ball that came her way and challenged each one of her opponents. Her direct and positive communication on defense helped create the success of the 2021 Green team this weekend.

2021 Black : Mikaila Kitchen ……. Mikalia really stepped it up and went from playing fantastic defense to even better midfield. She was super aggressive in the 50/50 battles was lightening fast and rode super hard. Her focus during the game was unmatched.

2021 White : Elizabeth Driscoll ……. Elizabeth made some crucial saves including some eye-popping low stops. Elizabeth’s quickness kept us in the game more than once and her clears were on point all day.

2022 Forest : Julia Pitts ……. Julia played midfield for 3 full games and two play off games. She brought a high level of effort to every game and every play. She worked so hard for her teammates fighting for every ground ball, every draw, causing turnovers and creating opportunities on attack. Her decisions were always unselfish in order to make her teammates raise their level of play. Julia is a player who you never have to ask to work harder. She is a quiet storm who lead by her consistent play. 

2022 Pine : Lily Hudner ……. Lily worked so hard in whatever position she was in. She communicates well and leads by example. She attacks the cage, and has a great shot, especially in free positions. Lily is Fast, doesn’t quit, and is aggressive all over the field, making players around her rise to a higher level!

2023 Blue : Bella Juliano ……. Bella put the team on her back and showed what is takes to score at the club level! We ask the girls to think as if they are the best player on the field, not only did she think it she WAS it! Great tourney!

2023 Teal : Margaret Lievi ……. Margaret was confident and aggressive with checks, body pressure, and had several caused turnovers throughout the tournament. She was fast and smart moving the ball up field and stood out all day as a leader on defense.

2023 Teal : Nora Lundin …… Nora was aggressive on the field by taking calculated risks and coming up with the ball. She had the ability to use both hands to help her dodge and drive hard to the cage on attack, as well as blow by defenders through transition. She had awesome field and game sense and capitalized on her opportunities, in addition to being a great team player.

2023 Royal : Cailin Morrissey …… the anchor of the defense this weekend. She has so much control in her 1 v 1 defense and double teams, her quickness and foot work is strong. Cailin has a great vision of the whole defensive zone. This weekend, she was always there to play help defense and crash when an attacker was coming in to our zone. She’s very confident in carrying the ball our of transition and did a great job.

2024 Hunter : Meggie Doyle ……. Whether she was in the midfield or on low defense, Meggie was our defensive spark this weekend! She is constantly thinking a step ahead and seeing our opponents next move to come up with huge interceptions. In transition, she played a big part in moving the ball up field, going to coast to coast at times! She is a team player who made a huge impact on our tempo in both ends and is consistently one of our hardest workers.

2024/2025 Neon : Lydia Kondry …… Lydia was a spit fire all day Saturday! She was super aggressive and worked hard in the midfield off of the draw. She did a great job recognizing what she needed to do off ball on attack in order to create opportunity for teammates.

2024/2025 Army : Lily Samoska ……. Lily was an absolute wall in the net this weekend!  She made some HUGE saves helping the army win all 3 regular games and advancing to the semifinals.  She has the ability to cut down the shooting angle, and is comfortable clearing the ball to her defense and midfielders with great composure.

2025 Lime : Kate Perkins ……. Kate shined this weekend! She always went to space, looked to pass and played great defense in the midfield. She also had a great positive attitude! Kate is small, but mighty and has great lacrosse IQ!

A HUGE thank you to our players who participated this weekend, our awesome families and our wonderful coaching staff…. this weekend would not have been as successful without you!